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Monday, July 27, 2015

July 2015 Update on the Hill Country House

My flowers are doing well in the back patio area! They are protected from the deer.

That's a good thing, because the deer have been here in large groups. The bucks still have their velvet. This photo is taken through the dining room window, where we can watch them while we eat.
After these guys left, another visitor came along. A gray fox!

My oldest son was here all week, so we were busy having a good time. We did manage to get some things done, though.

 We got the rug down in the office. 

 We started organizing the pantry. (I don't have it stocked with many cans yet.)

 My son talked us into getting a P-Touch label maker to help with the job! I love it!

 I managed to create a temporary guest bedroom out of a 12' x 6/5' closet! It had wallpaper in it along with shelves, so I stripped them out and repainted tan over the dark maroon. I added a twin sized bed, a $5 thrift shop table, a lamp, and a rattan chair that I bought months ago for $4. The ottoman I had already along with the lamp and coral. The bedspread was an estate sale find for $5. I made the pillow by sewing a rectangle of burlap to a pillow I made from a canvas drop cloth. I hand painted the word "beach" on it. Later, some of these items will go in the beach bedroom I hope to create so I can showcase the large watercolor my sister did of my granddaughter and I on the beach.
A new Goodwill store opened in Kerrville and I bought this coffee table to replace the one I was using (and didn't like.) I touched up some dings with stain on a Q-tip!
We found these playing cards under one drawer.

I'll save another find for another day. I think it will bring back memories for a lot of you!


  1. Elvis! He was so cute (in his early days). Great use of that closet. Love the new coffee table. Nice lines.

  2. We've enjoyed watching it all come together!

  3. Wow, you've really done some awesome things since I last read. You are so lucky in your "finds" and know just what to do to them to make them to bring them back to life. Your house is beautiful.

  4. Are you scared of the fox? I've lived in a high rise apartment for the last 39 years so the idea of a fox outside my door is pretty scary. We don't have fox in Singapore but there are monkeys if you live close to forested area. They aren't exactly charming when they enter your home. Lately otters have made an appearance in parts of Singapore. Where I live, I've seen squirrels and chameleons.

  5. I've never met deer or fox! Your pictures are so nice! And I like furniture, coffee table is gorgeous!!!

  6. More progress and how fun to have your son stay and help. Lovely flowers that luckily are protected from the wildlife. High on Life July...

  7. Your home is really beautiful! The hard work and time you all have put into this is paying off! Great thrift store finds too!

  8. Love seeing your progress Linda! blessings, marlene

  9. I love watching the progress on your house. I particularly enjoy the use you make of old articles. This is something I also enjoy doing.


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