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Monday, September 19, 2016

September? Really?

New! Give Thanks
I can't believe it is September and fall begins on Thursday! How did that happen? I have been super busy giving presentations, teaching classes, and working on rethinking my patterns. I am going bigger, better, clearer, and with lots of pictures. That means that I have to remake the quilt to not only evaluate the pattern, but to take photos at every step. Not a quick thing to do!

New! Let It Snow!
The renovation is coming along. My sewing room is almost finished, but we still have the cutting table to do and the baseboards.
 This is my wall of cubicles. My husband built me a platform to put them on so they weren't sitting on the floor. I found the little gray collapsible baskets at Walmart! 
 This is the far end of the room. You can't really tell much yet by these pictures. The little island is temporary. We are going to build a cutting table that can be rolled around. There is a huge arched window to the left of the room at that end that gives lots of light and a beautiful view.
 Sugarplum has found a napping spot there!
The other patterns I have updated (so far!) are:
 Birthday Banner
(This has candles that can be removed and replaced and the child can put the right number on!)
Little Cowboy (or Cowgirl)

and The Good Shepherd.
None of these are updated in the download version yet, but will be soon. The paper version is $15 each plus shipping. 
My sister and I are also putting kits together for these patterns.
Things are beginning to happn again! 
Have a great  fall! (Oh NO! Don't! I've done that and it hurts!) I should say,
Have a great Autumn!
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