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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Lessons I've Learned Over the Years!

To My Family and Friends, here are a few lessons I have learned over the years. The new year seems like a good time to review them!

A little makeup can make a girl feel a little better, but a lot of makeup doesn't necessarily make her feel a lot better!

Sometimes it takes teamwork to get uphill, even when you're "having fun!"

Learn to enjoy the simple things!

Don't judge a book by its cover! Sometimes, there's dynamite packed into just three pounds, four ounces!

Learn to see the miracles in nature as though you are seeing them for the very first time! Let yourself be thrilled!

 You can't have your pudding until you eat your supper, but occasionally it might be okay to make an exception!

Sometimes our eyes deceive us. Take a second look!

Your dreams rarely just land in your lap! You have to chase after them like bubbles in the wind!


Life is messy, but you'll feel better if you clean up as you go along!

 Some things in life are wonderful surprises!

Find a way to make the little ones in your life succeed and feel useful! They will not remember the words you tell them as much as the way you made them feel!

If you want a "white Christmas", go find your own snow! 
Scientific investigation begins early! Be prepared!

As one of my second graders once quoted, "The grass is always greener where the buffalo roam!" ......and you know what that means! There is usually an "up" side to every "down"!

Life is full of funny little coincidences. Enjoy them!

Learn to laugh at yourself! (Just be sure you have good bladder protection!)
Never let a day pass without telling your loved ones that you love them. Yes, they may know it, but there's something special about hearing the words!
Always remember that "stuff" is here today, gone tomorrow. What remains are relationships and memories. Work more on those than on your "stuff"!
 If you can't go to Hawaii, bring Hawaii to your back yard! 

There will be mountain top experiences.... well as a few low points, but never give up! God is in control!

Here's to a wonderful new year! I'm excited and ready to tackle it!

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