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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Black Cat Crossing - My Day!

Trick or Treat
Smell my feet, 
Give me something good to eat!

I have certainly heard that line at least a thousand times through the years from little"trick or treaters" at my door! My version is:

Trick or Treat, 
Take a seat,
My Halloween project is now complete!

Maywood Studios came out with this great fabric called Black Cat Crossing. I ordered a fat quarter bundle from the Fat Quarter Shop and made this large wall hanging and the clothing for a doll. 

I used a few scraps along with the feature fabric.  The cat, birds, and spider (did you see him down there in the lower right hand corner?) are wool applique. 

Catrina is my Halloween witch with clothing made from the same line. She's there to keep peace among the cats and birds and to keep those pesky pumpkin smashers away! 
Here's wishing you a safe holiday! 

Be sure to visit my fellow bloggers today and go to Sew We Quilt to see the top picks. Thank you to Mdm. Samm and to Wendy, at Why Knot Kwilt. They are our wickedly wonderful cheerleaders and are not really wicked at all!

Friday, October 24
Buzzing and Bumbling  (that's me!)

(YIKES! I am on a day with some pretty tough competition!!! Be sure to check them out! I don't think you'll be disappointed!)

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Progress at the Hill Country House!

I've been working on some dolls for a big sale the first weekend in December. They've been a nice diversion from working at the house! 
I've also been busy on my projects for Black Cat Crossing coming near the end of the month. It starts on the 20th! My day is the 24th, so be sure and join us to see what we've come up with!
Now for the Hill Country House! We are making progress. 

 1.I got a floor laid (yes, I did it myself!) in the new laundry room just in time for the washer and dryer to be delivered! The grout needed time to cure, so I was sweating getting it finished in time!
2. The washer and dryer were delivered. 
3. We signed up with an internet provider and now have internet! 
4.  I painted the large open area that contains the living room, dining room, entry, and sitting area except for the walls near the fireplace where I need a scaffolding. (Ignore the cardboard on the floor! Remember there is hardwood going down when all this is finished!) Because the entry had new dry wall, I need a second coat on this wall.

5. I painted the pantry and small back entry.
6. I painted the kitchen island cabinets. 
7. I met with the countertop installers to discuss problems with the installation.  That is holding up all the other work that was scheduled to be done. They have already come out once to "fix" it, but it is not right yet. (I have left the protective plastic on until they have finished their work. Remember that stone will go on the walls including the half wall under the penninsula.)

8.The flooring has been delivered.

9.The Vent-a-Hood has been delivered and should be installed this weekend. 
10.We have someone lined up to make the vent surround. After this the limestone can be put up and then the floor can go down!
11. We had a level concrete "pad" poured so we can have a propane tank! (No city gas lines up on this hill!) Can you see that at one end the slab is about 3' thick?

This weekend I have an office, bathroom, and bedroom to paint along with a second coat in the entryway and climbing a scaffolding so I can paint in the high areas. 

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