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Monday, May 27, 2013

Step Out of the Box - a Contemporary Quilt!

I was given some fabric from Blank Quilting's new line, Regency, toplay with. I had about 1/4 yd. of each fabric in the line.
The fabric is in beautiful shades of black to gray. There is a really nice border print you can see below that I didn't use in this quilt. I think it would make a gorgeous border if I had more than a small piece.

This line had fabrics in a gradation from dark to light. 
I cut  squares of each and laid them out in rows that formed the gradation I wanted.  I sewed squares into rows, and rows into my quilt top. I actually worked from dark to light and then turned the top on it's side. (It was easier to keep up with the gradation that way.)
I then had a top with a gradation of dark to light. 
I was ready to add color inserts, appliqued circles, and fusible words!

If you're interested in this pattern, it's available in my Craftsy store (The button on my side bar will take you there.). It's an easy design and the colors you add can fit your tastes. A chart is given that shows where each fabric goes, and there is a guide for placing the circles and strips.
You will want to check out Blank Quilting's website and Facebook page to see what else they have to offer 

Web site:

WAIT! There is a giveaway!! Just visit and leave a comment in the three blogs in this, the second of three, Mini Blog Hops and visit Blank Quilting's Facebook page. You will be eligible to win a surprise! (You can see it on Debby's blog.)

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Paperweights From Dollar Store Candle Holders

I am with my grandkids, 1700 miles from home. No sewing machine. No needle and thread. No fabric!!! But, I'm having fun anyway!
We made some teacher appreciation gifts and Father's Day gifts last week. The kids LOVED it! I will warn you, though. This is definitely a project to do outdoors because of the smell. 

I saw this basic idea here. She made a beautiful paperweight from the candle holders using only decorative paper and Mod Podge. (This is a great site, by the way!)
We decided to use real objects and use some of the sayings on some cute cards we saw. 
First we bought those inexpensive votive candle holders you can find at the dollar store. They come two to a box! $1!!!!! (You might also find them in other discount stores.)
We also found some small plastic frogs and a bag of Smarties candy. 
We bought a can of polyester resin and a small bottle of catalyst. (We found this at Michael's.) Follow the directions on the can to mix the resin! I mixed and they stirred and poured.
We put our candies and frogs in the area intended for the candle and poured the resin in to fill the space intended for the candle. Leave this outside to harden or in the garage. It will continue to have a strong smell until it is completely cured. 
That's all there is to it! EASY PEASY! FUN! 
We want to try one with a silk daisy in it. The kids also thought of nuts and bolts, fun stickers, and pebbles. The possibilities are limited by the size of the object. How about a photo cut to fit in the bottom? Decide if you want the paperweight to be bottoms up or right side up when finished. 
You're done!
Watch for another fabric challenge reveal on Monday, May 27th!! See you then!!!

Monday, May 13, 2013

Madeline, Sweet Madeline! (and a giveaway!)

Pattern A6219 from NewLook Kids!
Blank Quilting has some new fabrics coming out soon that you will want to be on the lookout for! 
I made this little dress, modeled by my great niece, using fabrics from the line called "Madeline". 

The fabrics in the line are bright and colorful!
Since Miss Dimples has a twin brother and also an older sister, I made "monster" dolls for them with the leftover fabric. (I did not use a pattern for these, but there are many good ones on the market!)

The turquoise "bandana" looking fabric was perfect for this little boy!

Don't tell her it's a monster! She thinks it's a frog!! on the lookout! This line should be in shops in early June! Blank Quilting has a website with their fabric lines as well as free patterns and more. Check them out!

Web site:

             There's a giveaway, too!!! 
You can win a nice group of fabrics pictured here.  You need to visit only three blogs on this Mini Blog Hop to be eligible to win! Then you will be going to the Blank Quilting Facebook page to "like" them.
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Friday, May 10, 2013

Quilter's Favorites

 Welcome to my post for the Quilter's Favorites Linky Party.