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Monday, November 28, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Little Like Christmas!

 I've started putting up my Christmas decorations. My husband has lights on the outside of the house and I now have the tree up. I usually put several trees up, so this is only the first. I'm not sure I will keep it like this, but I've been missing snow. It doesn't snow here except on very rare occasions, so I put snow on my tree. I plan to add more snowflake ornaments, but I have to buy more first. I also think I will sprinkle sparkly artificial snow over the tree. I haven't put anything on the top of the tree yet because I need a ladder to do that and my husband was using the ladders while putting the lights up!

 I put cardinals in several places around the tree. One of my fondest snow memories is from when we lived in Georgia. I had a very large window in my kitchen that looked out over a deck. It had snowed and the deck was covered in a layer of white. I kept a bird feeder there and enjoyed watching them come and go. Because of the snow, I had sprinkled a couple of handfuls of sunflower seeds over the snow earlier. I was busy in the kitchen and looked out in time to see at least a dozen cardinals gather on the deck to eat sunflower seeds. It was one of those "magical" moments for me.

 I have a wonderful painting in my entryway that is "on loan" from my sister. I added a dove to the globe to tie into the tree with birds and to symbolize "Peace on Earth".  I enjoy setting up little vignettes that tell a story. 

I'll show you more later, but I haven't really finished much more than this. I still have an entire village to set up, for instance! 
Until next time, have a wonderful holiday season!

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Monday, November 21, 2011

Winter Scene Quilt

 I made this little wallhanging about 3 years ago.Using scraps from my scrap box, I started with a background, ironed fusible webbing to my fabric, and cut out shapes to fill the scene. I ironed them on where I wanted them, but then sewed around their edges. I might add more this year, if I have a free moment or two! I can think of several things I would like to add. It might be fun to let the children cut out some tiny shapes, too! This little quilt is 42" x 32 1/2".  

This is an extremely busy week with Thanksgiving on Thursday,  my mother's birthday on Friday, and my daddy having cataract surgery on Tuesday.  I have food to make for different occasions on Tuesday and Wednesday. I'm working frantically on finishing the Little Red Riding Hood quilt, but I'm not sure I will finish this week. I wish I could say that things will calm down after this week, but the busy holiday season is just getting underway! 
If I don't have another chance, let me tell my U. S. friends Happy Thanksgiving! Hopefully, this is not something we do only once a year!!!

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Owl Ornament Tutorial

The holiday season is beginning! I would start decorating in July if my husband would let me. In fact, I would keep a tree up all year! I love the season and all the decorating that goes along with it. 
So....until the new year, I'll be posting ideas for gifts, ornaments, decorating, holiday foods, or whatever I can dream up for the season. Today, I made a little group of owl ornaments. I used fabric scraps from my scrap box. You could hang them on a tree or use them on a gift (maybe along with a card that reads "Owl Have a Blue Christmas Without You" or "Owl Be Home for Christmas!". I group of them might make a nice little arrangement on a table or hanging from a sparkly branch as a centerpiece. 
They're quick and easy to make. For even more fun, let your children or grandchildren decorate them! 
Your owl can be absolutely any size you want. I made mine fairly small, but if you want them large, then use larger scraps. Place your scraps right sides together and draw a shape similar to that above. I gave mine the little "horns" that characterize owls and made the base a little wider than the top. 
Sew on the lines, leaving the bottom open.
Turn right sides out.
Cut ovals of cardboard and of felt to fit inside the bottom opening. You can stand your little figure up and get a pretty good idea of how big to make the oval. It doesn't have to fit perfectly, only close.
Stuff each owl with either polyester stuffing or cotton stuffing.
Sew a running stitch around the bottom of the owl.
Insert the cardboard and pull the running stitch to close the bottom over it.
Sew the felt over the bottom.
Coat the figure with gel medium. Let dry well. (If you don't have gel medium, white glue such as Elmer's can be used as a substitute.) This will give the figure a "harder" surface.
Use gesso to paint face and tummy areas.
Use colored permanent marker to add details.
Sew a little loop of floss at the top of each if you want to hang them. Don't try for perfection on these. Let them have character. I would really love to see these detailed by children. So have fun!
                                   Happy Holidays!

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Monday, November 7, 2011

Chalkboard Tablecloth Tutorial

 I promised you a tutorial on making a chalkboard tablecloth similar to the one I made using Ghastlies fabric. That cloth was made for a round table, but I'm going to show you the basic process here in a square. This is made for a doll's table but the process is the same. Just measure your table and use those dimensions for the chalkboard portion of your cloth.

To begin, I used Roc-Lon Blackout Lining for the chalkboard. This is a lining sold in the drapery section of fabric stores. It has a "rubbery" feeling on one side that is smoother than the "fabric" side. You want to use this smooth side for your chalkboard side. You will also need Chalkboard paint. You can find this in most hardware stores.
Here is the can, but it came packaged in a box.

If you can't find the chalkboard paint, you can paint your surface with a double layer of gesso and a double layer of craft paint. You can use any color you wish! (It is a little more expensive and time consuming to do it this way, but if you have the supplies you might want to give it a try. Use matte finish paint!
Paint the surface, keeping your brush strokes as smooth as possible.
When your surface is completely dry, you can "prime" your chalkboard by covering it with chalk using the side of your stick of chalk. NOTE: you can do this after you sew on the borders if you wish.
Using a chalkboard eraser or a folded up piece of batting or felt, smooth the chalk all over the board. You are trying to redistribute the chalk, not remove it. When you write with the chalk, find a "soft" point on the chalk stick, not an extremely hard one. You don't want to scratch the surface. (This is also true on a regular chalkboard.) Your chalkboard surface is ready to go now. If you wash it off, you will need to "re-prime" the surface with chalk.
Sew borders on two opposite sides of the center. You can sew through this very easily!
After pressing them open (YES, you can press this! Just in case your fabric is different from mine, proceed with caution at first.) Sew the remaining two borders on. Press.
Now sew your outer borders in the same way.   

After turning under the edges and sewing a narrow hem, you are finished! Have fun with your tablecloth - play hangman with your children.....
....leave notes for your family.....

or use it at a party!

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Friday, November 4, 2011

Last Day of the Ghastlie Blog Hop and Winner of My Giveaway!

Today is the last day of the Ghastlie Blog Hop! Thank you so much for the wonderful responses to my post yesterday! I also thank you for helping me to reach my goal of 300 followers and to go a little over that! What wonderful friends you all are! Apart from the Day 9 winner of the blog hop (click on the Ghastlie logo on the sidebar to check on the winner, announced by Madame Samm), the winner of MY giveaway, the chef's apron on the left, (chosen by Random Number Generator) was Carolyn:
Carolyn said...
YAY I'm a follower and you are over your 300 mark! woohooo! I am just blown over by all of your wonderful Ghastlie ideas!! Love the aprons, your quilt, just everything. This blog hop has been so fun. I'm glad it's going to be a yearly thing! I would love to enter your giveaway, too!Thanks for the chance!   I'll be contacting her by email for a mailing address.  But you still have a chance to win a great prize! Comment on each of the blogs on the hop today and get a chance to win one of these great prizes:                                              DAY 10 Giveaways                            
                                              Jodi from Forth Worth Fabric Studio
sent along this lovely package of Ghastlies
I think it was 5 collections...lots' of yardage
                                                                                      Velocity 50 from Reliable                                    
  Here are the blogs for today! Be sure to visit each one and leave a comment !       
                                             Mrs Nan Ghastlie  
                                      Mrs. Gmama Jane Ghastlie 
                                             Mrs Joan Ghastlie
                                          Mrs. Nancy Ghastlie 
                                             Ms Susan Ghastlie 
                                             Madame Ghastlie

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop - Today's My Day!!!

I'm a hostess today on the Ghastlie Blog Hop! Welcome! I want to show you a way to use the Ghastlie fabric line from Alexander Henry in a way that is not connected with Halloween. Do you have a friend with a "milestone" birthday coming up? How about a Ghastlie birthday party? 
Or maybe a friend or coworker is leaving? Or you're hosting the book club and the month's selection is a murder mystery or thriller?

I started with a tablecloth. I made chalkboard fabric (tutorial is coming soon!) and edged it with Ghastlie fabric. I can write on the tablecloth the names of the foods I serve or leave messages for the honoree! Guests could leave little messages too! I think the grandkids would LOVE this!
Then I made a doll using the knitting aunts as inspiration! She's trying to rest up and read a good book before the party, but as you can see,this spider just won't leave her alone!

I also made a hostess apron using "leftover" fabric.( Didn't have a model so I had to use an overturned chair! Not very slim and beautiful, but it worked!) I also made two hot pads from scraps.
And, because you were nice enough to visit me and leave a comment, you will be entered in the giveaway for today as well as for MY giveaway - a Ghastlie chef's apron! (Are you a Ghastlie cook?) Again, my model the chair was kind enough to step in.
On a previous post, I showed you a quilt made from Ghastlie fabric. You can see it  here

So leave a comment and visit my sister blogs today. You don't have to follow, but I would love to have you!! I would really love to reach 300 followers! 
Here are today's blogs:

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Day 8 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop

We're on Day 8 already! I can't believe it is going so quickly. Be sure to visit the blogs below and leave comments for a chance to win the prize for today!

                                                                 DAY 8 Giveaway

                                                      This beautiful KONA bundle
                                                         in PINK is from our very 
                                                     own Jane from Jane's Fabrics.
                                                     This is her sweet....giveaway..
                                                Oh and some Presencia threads too!
                                                             From her to YOU
                                         ON Wednesday November 2nd  Day 8

                                                                Mrs. Dawn Ghastlie 
                                                                Mrs Mary Ghastlie 

And don't forget to check in tomorrow and see what I have to show you!

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Day 7 of the Ghastlie Blog Hop

DAY 7 Giveaway

                                             These wonderful Auriful Threads
                                        from IHAN...Kelly at I Have A Notion
                                           is sending 1 winner this collection
                                            of some pretty colorful threads.
                                        Looks like we have a thread cutter
                                                 too...see his sharp knife lol

 So for your chance to win please visit the blogs below today and leave a comment on each one! 

 ON Tuesday November 1st 
Day 7

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