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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Saying Goodbye to a Special Person

In Memorium

Irene Laden Duncan August 16, 1908 - February 25, 2015
Aged 106

I'm reprinting this post from 2011. I have edited it a little to be more current. It is a tribute to my grandmother who passed away yesterday at aged 106.

Me on the left, my grandmama in the middle, and my sister on the left. (She would probably not be pleased that I posted a photo in which she was not "fixed up".  This photo was taken in 2011.

My love of quilts began with this sweet lady, my grandmama.
My grandmother was born in 1908 as a twin. This is her on the left and her twin on the right. They were named Irene (my grandmother) and Pauline (my aunt). 
This is a picture of a photo that was sitting on her dresser.As a young woman, my grandmother's twin eloped. Their daddy, who was a little harsh, was so afraid she would also elope, he nailed her windows shut and locked her in at night. She eloped anyway when, after a church service, the sympathetic preacher called her in to talk to her and performed a marriage ceremony right then and there! She and my granddaddy left in the preacher's wagon!   Again, my grandmother is on the left and her twin on the right. (She was slim all her life!)

    Her "world famous" chocolate cake recipe  can be found here.

It is the fudgiest cake you will ever hope to find! Her story of this cake can be found at the link above.  

My grandmother had "spunk". She once chased a burglar out of the house with the broom to protect her babies! (She had three sons.) 
Her purse always smelled like juicy fruit gum and she always had embroidered handkerchiefs that she knotted into "hanky babies" during the sermon (to entertain my sister and I). She also showed us how to make carnations out of Kleenex tissues and a pipe cleaner. We made carnations until we sat in a pile of torn tissue edges!
Her popcorn was the best I've ever had. She made it in a big heavy pan and used butter instead of oil. The butter browned as the popcorn popped, so it had a wonderful flavor!
And this is a peak at the quilt that started my interest in quilting. It's a Little Dutch Girl quilt that my grandmother made. The little socks and ribbons at the back of her neck have been carefully colored in with something (I am guessing crayon) to make them match the dress. I used to pretend the sashing was a road. I would go "visit" each little girl on the quilt by driving along the road and turning into their block. I was a little shocked that her panties were showing as the wind lifted her dress. I wanted to grow up and make a quilt just like that! Sadly, I haven't done that yet, but if I can just live as long as my grandmother did, there is still time! 

Grandmama, We love you!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

We Support You Blog Hop! My Day!

Thanks for joining me today on the We Support You Blog Hop!

I have a dear friend who has just finished a round of chemo after surgery for breast cancer. She didn't want anyone making a big deal of it and has gone through her ordeal with quiet grace and dignity. We love you, Betty! My project is for you!
Betty is a sweet, sweet lady with a tiger of a spirit! She is very active in several ministries serving others.

This bag is for hanging in a laundry room to hold clothespins or plastic bags, or hanging in a closet to hold socks, "unmentionables", fabric, shoes, bras (of course!)....anything that will fit! I lined it with the same tiger stripe that the bra is made from. 
The pattern for the applique and embroidery is available from Mdm. Samm. 

This little doll*is to remind all of you that there are "angels" among us thinking of those of you going through your own ordeals. Mdm. Samm of Sew We Quilt and  Pat from Life in the Scrapatch are two of those and have thought of this hop to honor you! You are not alone! 

Be sure to visit my fellow bloggers today!

Feb 11th  
*Doll is from the Tilda pattern by Tone Finnanger
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