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Friday, April 25, 2014

Hill Country House Progress - Mid-April

We have been having computer problems, so I haven't been able to post easily! I have a little catching up to do now on our progress. 

We're at the stage where we have gone into a perfectly good house and demolished it! I know that it will be nice when we finish, but I really dislike this part of the process. Here you see some of the rubble after removing cabinets and walls. We have also removed the appliances, which we will donate. We will reuse and repaint the cabinets, so we really worked carefully getting them down instead of taking a sledge hammer to them. 
 We have a plan to rearrange the kitchen and add a "dirty kitchen" (I know, most of us already have one of those and WHY would you want to ADD one!!!). Other names for this special room are "butler's kitchen" and "working pantry", not to be confused with a butler's pantry which is between a kitchen and dining room. This is a large pantry with a sink, dishwasher, counter for crock pots, toasters, etc. as well as storage shelves for food items. The idea behind it is that you do all the "dirty" work in there before company comes and the kitchen area will stay clean. We have a very open living space, so the idea appealed to me and I had the space, so why not? The extra dishwasher is for dishes during a party. Since we will get a free dishwasher when we buy our range and we have a dishwasher to use already, we thought this was a useful idea. The cabinets had to be removed so that we could cut a door through to the former laundry room (which we will move to a room near the bedrooms)  beside the kitchen. This 8' x 12' room will become the "dirty kitchen/pantry".  We have taken extra cabinets to the future quilting studio and will use them in there. (I have that planned out also! I'm big on re-using things!)
Here is what I am wanting for my countertops around the perimeter of the kitchen:
                     Crema Marfil Leather T3137

    It is a grayed white "leathered" marble called Crema Marfil. It has the look of honed limestone, which is what we have on the outside of the house. The Texas hill country is on a limestone bedrock and there are outcroppings everywhere. I love the idea of something so natural decorating my house. Although marble is porous, it is not as porous as limestone! The honed marble is supposed to be a little easier to keep. (I haven't finalized my choice, but I LOVE this!) My dad is going to make us a mesquite wood countertop for the island. 
Mesquite Island
Here is a sample of a mesquite countertop. This  link will take you to the website of the Texas company who makes these!
We haven't talked to a fabricator yet, so this is not a "done deal", but after walking through row after row of glossy granite, I just wasn't falling in love with any of it. I told Doug I would know it when I saw it - and I did. It isn't anything like what I would have thought of on my own. I'm the same way with anything I buy. I have to have an emotional reaction to it before I want to part with my money!

I know that you can't really see yet what we're going to do. I wish it were all finished so you could see that we haven't ruined our house! (Phooey! I wish I could see that we haven't ruined our house! ) The floor guy can't put in the floor until the kitchen is finished. We are getting some bids on help with the kitchen, but one carpenter can't even start until late June! The other hasn't found a chance to come out and give us a bid! I guess we are in a holding pattern as far as the kitchen goes. 
If you didn't see my last quilted wall hanging, I posted it last week HERE for the Superpower Blog Hop. The birds I appliqued are two of the hundreds common to the hill country - mockingbird and scarlet tanager. 

Sunday, April 20, 2014

What is Your Superpower? Here is Mine!

My Superpower?
It is the one thing that has driven me every step of the way through my entire life.
What is it?

I firmly believe all children are born with it. Some of us have it "educated" out of us. (You know, "color INSIDE the lines!") For those of us who managed to hold onto it, this world is full of amazing possibilities! Don't get me wrong, though. We need those of you who think inside the box, too! Without you, things would probably be in chaos!

As you can see, I used a lot of embroidery along with my applique. I always do. To me, they go hand in hand. The embroidery can be used to add so many details!

Thank you for stopping by today! Be sure to visit the other sites on the hop:

My thanks to Mdm. Samm and Pauline from Quilt N' Queen for hosting this hop! Their superpowers have made this possible! 

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

A Gift and a Reflection

My dad just gave me an album of pictures to replace the wedding album we lost in the fire! 
 I no longer weigh 98 lbs. and I look a lot older, but Doug still treats me like a princess (just ask my sister!). He  has a little less hair and a few more wrinkles, but my heart still jumps when he walks in the door. The wedding rings were lost in the fire, but the marriage is solid! My love for him has never faltered and has grown stronger every single day. We have the most important things in life in common - our love for God, our moral values, our children. We both love to read, to take drives in the country, to visit new places and see new things.
We are also very different in many ways. He loves seafood; I am allergic! He loves sports; I don't, unless my grandkids are involved.

 He loves action movies; I love suspense thrillers. He orders something different at a restaurant every time we go; I order the one thing I'm SURE I'll like. Every time.
I go around danger; he meets it head-on! 
  I am predominately "right brained"; he's predominately "left- brained". 
  My thought process is very scattered. I jump around from thought to thought, idea to idea; he's a "linear thinker"
He climbed to the top just so he could "check it off his list"!
  My husband is a scientist. In science, you need to do things step by step.
 When it comes to working together, I want to just jump in and do what I can, when I can! He is frantically trying to keep me "in line"! Poor guy! I'm sure my "ah ha!" thinking is the cause of his hair loss!  He is calmly and wisely assessing the situation while I am dancing a jig on the sidelines, anxious to just do something! We've been married 43 1/2 very happy years, so I guess we compliment each other!
 On Monday, April 21, I will be sharing my "Superpower"! Please join me then and see the project I've made just for that hop. In the meantime, I hope you're enjoying what others have revealed. You can get there by clicking 

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