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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Updates on Leftover Bags and Doll Clothes

Some of you may remember my "Leftover Bags" from a couple of posts back. I was playing with a few of the scraps that were left and this is the final result. It is big enough to slip a composition book in and the pocket will hold a cell phone or even a box of crayons! I'm guessing it would also hold an iPad. I know it will easily hold a Kindle with room to spare. I'm going to put it in my gift cabinet until I decide to pull it out and use it myself! These are my kind of colors! I put a very stiff interfacing in it, so it is pretty sturdy.

Here is a view of the back. See my little tag? This was so much fun!

I've also started on new batches of doll clothes for a granddaughter Christmas present. I figure that if I do a little each week, I'll have a healthy batch in time for Christmas! Here are six little pants outfits. (I tried to make little makeshift hangers to keep the pants and tops together. I'll have to work on this idea. I guess I could make little wire hangers?)

Here are the pajamas, robe, house shoes, jumper, dress, and jacket.
I used fat quarters for all of these.

In the meantime, I've been given a Gracie quilting frame that I've set up at my mother's house (she has a huge sewing space!) and we've been researching machines to put on it. This is mid arm size and we want to try to out before we invest in something too expensive. I've always quilted on my domestic machine (a Bernina). All that to say, this has been a busy week. I've also finished a quilt top and started on a new design. (I'll show you more when I get it worked out better.)
Until next time, Have fun with those scraps and fat quarters! By the way, while you're on the internet, go over to the following links and enter for a chance to win a GO! 



  1. Those doll clothes are adorable! Go to a baby store (like Babies R Us) and they carry little baby hangers. They might fit - it's worth a try.
    Congrats on the quilting frame. My dream is to have a longarm and frame of my own - I just LOVE the quilting.

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  3. I just love your blog!!! I still have all of my Barbie clothes that my mama made for me and they too are lovely...I will have to post them one day!!


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