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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Life Cycles, Recycles, and Remodels

Sugarplum woke from a sound sleep when something on the balcony outside caught her attention!

She jumped up to get a closer look!

 A Scott's Oriole had perched on the rail just outside the window. 

 The male and female have both been frantically racing back and forth with insects to feed a newly hatched brood of baby Orioles in the seldom used (thankfully!) light fixture above the balcony.
 They are a welcome addition to our wildlife managerie here at our hill country house which includes the deer, a fox, rabbits, squirrels, and many other birds and animals. We have been watching what appears to be first time swallow parents trying to build a nest. It has taken them much longer than we've previously seen swallows build nests, but they finally have it built and I think she is brooding eggs. 
Walking to the mailbox, I noticed this unusual bag-like nest in an agarita bush.
 It is about 10" long and covered with lichen. It was hard to get a photo without disturbing it, but I'm not sure it is still occupied! We tried to "shoot" and run! (With the camera, that is!)
 After researching the nest and birds common to this area, I believe it is a "Bushtit". (Yes, an unfortunate name, but a sweet, tiny bird that eats insects and sings songs!)
 It's so interesting to observe the life cycles around us. The mama deer are beginning to really bulge at the sides, so I expect to see fawns soon!
On the "Recycling" front, I happened to hit the thrift store during a time when they were gearing up for a move. Every clothing item was 25 cents!! I brought home more than I should have, but it was so much fun!! 
I am a "petite" (just over 5'1") so buying clothing off the rack has never been easy for me. I decided that for 25 cents, I could play a little with redesigning some of these clothes. 
 (Here is my attempt at getting a photo of myself in a linen short's outfit that was about 2 sizes too large.) (See my new summer haircut?)
I first took the sleeves out and narrowed the shoulders.
Then I removed the stitches in the crotch seam and made a skirt out of the shorts!

 A quick photo before hemming and final pressing. 
I don't know how often I will wear it, but the top and skirt together cost me 25 cents!

The remodeling downstairs is coming along!

I put insulation between the studs while my husband did other work. 
The sheetrock was installed and today we have men working downstairs taping, floating, and sanding. Tomorrow they will come back to texture. 
 This will be my sewing studio! I'm getting excited! I haven't gone downstairs to see how it looks today, but this was yesterday. The furniture will go in the media room, but we're having to move it around and keep it covered. They will take it outside tomorrow. I'm hoping the sun will continue to shine!
My mind is buzzing with ideas for my new space, but I have to wait a little longer! After I paint it, I will still have to wait for flooring and that will come after the bathrooms are tiled. 
In the meantime, I'm trying to stay patient! 
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  1. I love seeing nature come back to life in the spring and it seems we get more birds each year.
    Love the new outfit, I love thrifts, can find nice clothes and much better than the strange fashions they come out with now;)


  2. We have Robins that make their nests in the most awkward places. It's kinds cool that you have a next in that light fixture. Makes it easy to watch them.

    I used to shop at our Good Will store but someone new must be doing the pricing. T-shirts are now $5. I liked a pair of sandles until I noticed the price was $15..not even a name brand. 25 cents would have hooked me!!

    You have been dealing with remodeling for quite a while now. Your finished pics always show how worth the wait/work is! What a great new sewing room you will have.
    xx, Carol

  3. what a great post of updates, your sweet cats and new nest is original.../25 cents for clothes wow and your new haircut perfection.. What amazing work you all have done..your home is just that a home to call HOME!

  4. Wow. It's lovely to have your own sewing studio. In my tiny flat, I do have my own little space for my sewing. But it's right next to the living room as in 5" away and my space has no doors so people keep walking into my "sewing studio" all the time. I applaud you getting a good deal on your clothes. I am too spoilt to buy clothes from thrift shops. Over here, there aren't many thrift shops.

  5. I like the new haircut. They don't texture walls up here. I don't like that, since every nail, etc, shows 'loudly' while texturing hides the flaws. Can't wait to see your new sewing room, when it is finished.

  6. Luck you with a new sewing room almost finished. The nest was very interesting, would like to see the bird if you ever catch it. Your new haircut is very flattering to you and I always love a good find at a thrift store. Sugarplum looks an awful lot like our Mally. She was 23 when we lost her. Hope your girl has as many healthy and happy years.

  7. What a nice outfit for 25 cents.I would certainly be excited to have a sewing room like that! Especially if you cab watch the wildlife out the window.

  8. Your nature reserve is Terrific. Love that nest. Great summer hair cut. I would never have thought to restructure that outfit. What a wonderful buy. Wonderful sounds rather lame for a super $.25 outfit but I can't come up with a better one so wonderful it is.

  9. Wonderful photos, enjoyed them and your remakes.

  10. Living amongst so many amazing animals is quite entertaining. Lovely linen set and you have done a wonderful job of altering it. Your haircut is adorable on you. Very exciting about your new sewing studio you will create. Embracing Creattive Bliss on this Beautiful Serene Sunday...

  11. Beautiful photos and interesting nest! What a great outfit for 25 cents...cute!

  12. What a neat post! Wildlife updates are always fun! Such a blessing I am sure to have all of them around! Your hair looks so great!!!! Not to mention YOU! Looks like all that work you are doing is really paying off and I am excited to see your new studio!!!! You GO GIRL!!!

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