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Tuesday, December 15, 2015

I'm Still Around!!!

This is our downstairs two weeks ago! Our house is called a "hillside walkout". The main floor is at the top where the driveway ends and the downstairs was designed for bedrooms. Unfortunately for us, the previous owners had used the downstairs for 1500 sq. feet of closets! (It worked well for them, but not for us.) 

We had not done anything down there except for one closet that I painted and put a guest bed in for a makeshift bedroom. I can't wait to show you what we'll be doing here. We will end up with a nice "mother-in-law suite" complete with a small kitchen.

We installed the door panels on our refrigerator. (We 
 STILL haven't done the crown molding above the kitchen cabinets!) 

I am really getting "antsy" to have a sewing room again! I have my shelves picked out at IKEA and I have been busy winding fabric on cardboard "comic book boards". 
It will give them a uniform appearance on the shelves.
I've started decorating for Christmas!

 I put up my first Christmas tree since the fire two years ago. We bought it after Christmas at a substantial savings last year! (Yes, it's artificial. My allergies don't allow me to have a real one.)

Doug also bought me an LED tree from Lowe's to put in our bedroom.

I decorated it with a Mexican theme to fit the bedroom. I made Ojo de Dios to hang all over the tree. I used yarn scraps and "candy apple skewers".

  My days have been busy, but rewarding.  I am finally taking some time to prepare for having two of my sons here for the holidays.

I am hoping to blog more frequently as soon as the holidays are over. (I'm always optimistic about being less busy!) I will be posting my favorite "go to" Christmas candy recipe next week as my gift to you! I hope you have blessed days ahead!



  1. Your home is beautiful. I'm still working on the not being too busy thing. Not working out too well yet. Let me know if you find the secret. Waiting to seee finished suite.

  2. Just beautiful Linda! I remember that awful post of two years ago when you told us about the fire. So thankful you've been able to come so far from that with such grace and blessings!

  3. Everything is coming along nicely and I love the refrigerator.
    I hope you and your family have a wonderful Christmas.


  4. Great to hear from you again. The house is looking fabulous and the downstairs will be a great space for 'mother in law' suite. I hope your sewing room materialises soon.

  5. You certainly have plenty to keep busy, and away from blogging! Love the Christmas trees! Now relax and enjoy them!

  6. Can't wait to see your sewing room.

  7. Everything looks so pretty. I can't wait to see your finished lower level.

  8. I love the comic book boards (I use the 8.5x11 size). I've never had a 'real' tree. My brother was allergic, then, the one time I helped a friend decorate her 'real' tree, I got all scratched up, and didn't like how each limb dropped so much from each ornament. I love my artificial tree(s). So far, I have 6 up (only one full size). Merry Christmas!

  9. always an adventure, I love the Mother in law suite / sewing studio, looks so nice already

  10. Your trees are so pretty, what is the one on the table made of ? and wow 1500 sq ft of closets....some people hang on to everything I guess. Have a Merry and blessed Christmas.

  11. Oh dear! I'm sorry to hear that after two years you still don't have a sewing room! You so deserve one after all you've been through! Thinking of you... Merry Christmas!

  12. Busy is good. Merry Christmas in your new home.

  13. So glad you are back! I am just now catching's been too busy here too...your home is so beautiful...


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