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Tuesday, September 2, 2014

See You In September Blog Hop has Begun! Also an Update!

We were grilling on the patio when everything around us became bathed in an orange glow. I ran with my phone to see the sunset. Sunsets in Texas can be spectacular! 

Do you see why I love orange? It is an important part of nature here.

Then the evening burst into the songs of birds and cicados. There was a mother deer and her triplet fawns eating grass in the yard about 200 yards away. September is here! Fall colors are not seen so much in the leaves around here, but in the sunsets!

You will not want to miss the See You In September blog hop that has begun this morning, September 3! (I can't believe it is already September! In my mind, July Fourth is just around the corner!) I will be showing three of my summer projects on Wednesday, September 10. Please come back for that!
                                                SEE you in SEPTEMBER BLOGGERS..
 Wednesday, September 3

In the mean time, I've been REALLY busy at the hill country house. We have the cabinets installed in the main kitchen. We haven't done the pantry yet although the cabinets are finished.  I met with the countertop guy on Wednesday and he measured for the countertops. A dry wall crew was there this weekend. After the counters are installed, the stone mason will come. When he finishes, the flooring can be installed. When that is done the appliances can be installed.  (Some time during all that, we need to have a level concrete pad poured for the propane gas tank. Then the plumber can finish running a gas line.) We still have to have a range hood cover  built also. Actually, right now I don't want to think about all the things we need to do! Lets just enjoy the hop! (Oh, I need to finish my third project. Oh "pickles", as my four year old niece says!)



  1. Texas is beautiful bathed in orange. Great pictures, Linda. I'm saying "oh pickles" too. lol

  2. Beautiful photos! Pickles...too funny. I tend to say "Buzzard(s)" and I truly have no idea where it first started...but I love birds so...

  3. Oh! Fabulous photos. The sunsets here in Texas are AMAZING!!! It's the first thing I fell in love with when I moved here. Everything else down here in Floresville is a crispy brown.

  4. Your list makes me tired!! I know that you will be glad when it is all finished!!

  5. "Pickles" is a very good word to use. Sunsets are so amazing with their technicolor show they give us. Thank you for sharing your photos. I think you are making amazing progress on your new home. Creative Building Bliss Dear...

  6. Wow, Linda, so beautiful. And your kitchen is going to be so wonderful!


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