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Thursday, August 7, 2014

Upholstered Chair Update

Ta-da! It's finished. Okay, so it's not perfect! (I did go in and straighten some of those crooked nail heads, but failed to get a picture of it.)
It is sitting in the workshop here and not in it's setting. BUT, I did it!!! I really did! I upholstered a chair from start to finish! My sons have teased me about it being "cow" fabric, but it is supposed to be PINTO PONY!!! I didn't want cow! 

As an update from last week, I added padding to the back of the chair and covered the top part of the ottoman with the dacron.


I upholstered the back and added nailheads to the arms and all other areas where it originally had them. (I found out afterwards that I could have bought nail head strips that make this job much easier. They are strips of nail heads with every few inches a real nail to tack in. The rest just sit on top. It would have made the difficult job of getting them straight easier.)

I plan on revealing the entire chair and ottoman (I have a surprise in relation to those two) in September when I show you some of the things I've accomplished this summer. (The "See You in September Hop! Coming sooner than you think!) 
I'm having a little bit of an issue this morning trying to post. I was startled when something grabbed my hand while I moved the mouse around! I should have known that cats are famous for hunting mice!

Although things are moving along in the hill country, we are in a holding pattern yet again waiting for things to happen. We spent two extra days there getting things ready for progress this week, but so far nobody has shown up to do their part. The dry wall guy had been there preparing the walls for texturing, but no patching had been done. I know it will all come together eventually!

I snapped a photo of this spider web on the grounds of the hill country property. There has been a drought there, but "stars" of limestone were trapped in the web from a light drizzle. They were sparkling and shining in the sunlight. When I stopped to take a picture, I was reminded of the little spider that sits and waits for something to get trapped in his web. Waiting is just part of living - even for God's tiniest creatures. Plus, I'm not having to wait for my sustenance. No, I'm well fed!

I was reminded of Psalm  145:15 - 16
"The eyes of all look to you in hope; you give them their food as they need it. 
When you open your hand, you satisfy the hunger and thirst of every living thing."


  1. Love your new chair....awesome job! Tee hee...kitty would have found me clinging to the roof from fright popping out like that LOL. Thanks for sharing such a lovely verse!

  2. Your chair turned out so nice...great job! It does look a bit like cow fabric, but once you said "PINTO PONY" I totally see that! LOL I've never reupholstered anything, so you have me in awe!

  3. The chair is BEAUTIFUL!!! Hopefully the drought is almost over...this is the first year we have had flowers at the ranch!!

  4. ANNNND even though this is not GINGHAM I really like did a great job there Linda....and are those leaves on the ground lol

  5. This was a fun lunch hour stop. Love the pony chair. Congrats on the finish. great shot of the spider web and the paw.

  6. That is not an easy task and you did a great job on it. I can't wait to see what else you have in store for us.

  7. Hi Linda,oh I love your chair,it looks fantastic,well done.xx

  8. You have worked your wonders on that chair.... I just love to see things restored and loved! Sweet kitty paw!

  9. That cow chair looks amazing!! No sign of it's old look at all! I've never done any actual re-upholstering, mainly just make covers for chairs :p

  10. Great pony chair, congrats! I thought of you as we drove to Fredericksburg on Saturday.

  11. Wonderful chair and I could see right away it was pony and not cow it's to sophisticated to be cow.

  12. Your chair turned out so wonderful. I'm not brave enough to try anything like that.


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