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Monday, March 24, 2014

Spring is here and I'm thinking of Mermaids!

One guest room in my new house will house a very special watercolor painting of my granddaughter and me at the beach. (My sister is a watercolor artist!)  I decided to try my hand at making a mermaid. I have made 3 so far!
 I used felt to make the body. I had so much fun choosing fabric to represent the tail portion of the mermaid. It is also fun choosing the yarn for hair! I haven't perfected the pattern yet, but I'm working on it!

On a different note, the peach tree in my hill country yard is in full bloom! I wandered a little around the yard while we were waiting on a contractor to come.
 I discovered asparagus growing among the roses in the protected area of the yard!
They have not gotten enough light because two years of old stalks were blocking it out! (This photo was during the process of removing dead growth.) I also found lots of little violet like flowers coming up!

When we returned to south Texas, we were greeted by bluebonnets and other wildflowers! It has been misting rain for the last few days, so I am showing you the view from my apartment window. Do you see the field of blue the cows are grazing in? Those are blue bonnets. The blue is MUCH more intense when you see it without the filter of rain! 

Tomorrow is the first day of the Flags on Sticks blog hop! I will be posting my flag (or flags, hopefully!) on April 1.



  1. Wild asparagus? You will have food to eat and flowers to enjoy. That field of bluebonnets is amazing. I adore your mermaid dolls. They are full of personality. Peach Blossom Bliss Dear...

  2. HI!!!!! I love the little purple flowers!!!!! I don't know what they are called.but they are pretty!!!!! Your little mermaids are too sweet!!!!! It is starting to look like Spring!!!!!!

  3. Your mermaids are so sweet Linda. I think the sleeping one is my favourite.

  4. What adorable mermaids, Linda! They are sure to be a hit with the little girls in your life! (Do you have granddaughters?) And your garden continues to be a 'secret garden'! Delightful!

  5. Just catching up on my blog reading!! Your mermaids are so cute and I love the things that you are finding around your new house!! I was also given some more fabric to send to you....flesh would you email me your address again. ( Thanks

  6. Hi Linda,
    Loved your peach blossoms and bluebonnets. I guess the wildflowers are what I miss most about Texas. Thanks for sending pictures. You are going to love it up there! Sorry your quilt is taking so long. I have a pesky litte kitten I am raising and she keeps me out of my sewing room a lot. We rushed her to the vet last week because she swallowed a rubber finger cot that had a thimble in it. Luckily she was okay.

  7. Cute mermaids. Thanks for the picture of the bluebonnets and herefords. I miss Texas! (and warm weather)

  8. Those mermaids are CUTE ! I can't believe there are already Bluebonnets where your hasn't been warm enough here for them to bloom....but that is about to change....85 today :(

  9. So ADORABLE! I know that mural will be spectacular!!!!

  10. Asparagus --hidden treasure! The flowers are so pretty. The cows appear to be standing in a pond of blue.


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