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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

My Grandmother and a Giveaway Winner!

Congratulations  to Sandra who won the Birthday Banner pattern in my recent giveaway! I was giving it away in honor of my sweet grandmother's 105th birthday!
My grandmother is a sweet, serving lady. She was a twin born in a family with many children. When they were teens, her twin eloped. To prevent her from doing the same thing, her daddy nailed her windows shut and locked her door at night. She ended up eloping with my granddaddy anyway by getting married after a church service and leaving in the preacher's buggy. They lived in Boulder City, Nevada while my granddaddy helped build Boulder Dam. Their house had been a duplex, so to get to half the house you had to go outside on the porch and enter an outside door. When constant requests for an indoor entrance between the two halves failed to get results, my grandmother knocked a hole in the wall with a hammer so that a door HAD to be installed in the wall! This is the same lady who once chased a burglar out of her house with a broom! I have a tab at the top of this post for my grandmother's chocolate cake. This is the cake we make for almost every birthday! Below is the Little Dutch Girl quilt that inspired me to be a quilter. I used to sleep under it and loved to trace the lines and look at the fabrics. Every little dress has socks that are colored to match. For some reason, that thrilled me!
 I'm off again to California in the morning to grandmother my own little grandchildren. Again! What a blessing! (I just look forward to when my husband can retire and come along!)
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  1. hang on, so that's your grandma and you have grandchildren, so your grandchildren know their great, great-grandmother? That's amazing!!

  2. Your grandmother is a beautiful looking woman.. and I love her spunk

  3. Your grandmother is a very beautiful lady. I wish there were as many generations of my family alive, it would be awesome.

  4. What a delightful story! I'll pass you in the air as I'm on my way to Texas!

  5. What a wonderful story about your Grandmother. How funny that her father nailed her window shut. Thanks for sharing her story with us. I really enjoyed reading about her. Hugs, Christine

  6. Your grandmother sounds like an amazing lady. How wonderful that you still get to spend time with her. Have fun!!

  7. what a sweetie your grandma is,love the story.xx

  8. Your Grandma is beautiful and I can't believe she is 105. I love her story about eloping what history in your family.
    Have fun with your grandchildren aren't they a treasure .
    Thanks agin for the banner pattern. Blessings Sandra

  9. I love her! She's got spunk! I've talked about taking a sledge hammer to a wall. I may have found the courage : )

  10. How wonderful to read this my Nan lived to 106 and she too is the reason I sew...and if we ever think we have not made a difference, we just have to look at our grand babes lol
    Great post my sweet

  11. What a spunky grandmother you have. So very special to have such wonderful family stories to share with your own grandchildren.

  12. Happy Birthday to your Grandmother. She is a lovely lady of strength and grace. Blessings dear and safe travels.
    Congratulations to Sandra.
    I adore the quilt and the matching socks to each dress. So very girly!

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