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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Toy Sewing Machine and Other Vintage Items

My oldest son sent me this adorable little toy sewing machine for my birthday! It is a Betsy Ross 707. According to what I can find, this model was made in the 1940's (the plaid box is an indicator). The 1950's models came in a red alligator textured box. 
This machine sews a chain stitch. I doubt I will be making quilts with it, but it will look so cute sitting in my sewing room!
I'm really drawn to all things vintage. I don't know why I'm so fascinated with them, but I am! Here are a few other "old" things that I consider treasures!
My husband's mom was a child in the "roaring 20's". She gave me these sweet "pin cushion dolls" many years ago. 
This little pin cushion doll is only about 2 1/2" to 3" tall including the skirt.
This pin cushion doll does not have her pin cushion skirt. She is about 3 1/2" tall without it.
This tape measure was in with my great grandmother's buttons. (She died in 1988 just shy of her 108th birthday!) It feels almost like paper. I have no idea how old it might be.
These sequins are not all THAT old, but old enough that you won't see any like this any more! A friend gave them to me. They had belonged to her mother. (Thank you, Diane!)
These two "knick-knacks" have nothing to do with sewing, but were also passed down to me. The snow globe on the right was from my grandmother and depicts a sailor and his girlfriend. (I have no idea how old it might be. - perhaps World War II?) The globe is very heavy glass and the base is a heavy porcelain or similar material. The globe unscrews from the base. I'm assuming that is for filling with water?
 This "saucy" little dancer belonged to my husband's mom. She appears to be dancing. Again, I have no idea of age, but she looks like she's having a grand old time!

When I look at these things, I don't really see old objects. I imagine stories and events surrounding them. Did my great grandmother use that measuring tape to sew for her family? Did some little girl learn to sew on the toy sewing machine? Although I may not know them, there are stories connected to these little things. 
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  1. Fun items....I love old antique sewing items and have a bunch! : )

  2. LOVE the toy sewing machine, but really love the items that have a family history!!!

  3. Look back in time, I have always wish I had save some of my grandmothers things. I like antiques too.

  4. Such a thoughtful gift from a son who really knows you. It will look great in your sewing room, a pleasure every day.

  5. What a wonderful son...very thoughtful!

  6. Oh yes, I love old family treasures like this! I really don't have any family, so the momentos that I have saved from them are very sentimental and filled with priceless memories!

  7. I like the toy sewing machine. I've never seen a machine that sews chain stitch. Is your signature at the bottom of post vintage too?

  8. great fun items Linda,have a good day.xx

  9. Those are some wonderful gifts!!! Someone knows you well ;-)

  10. Your treasures are wonderful. I agree they all have amazing stories connected with them. Each one extra special from your family. Happy Hearts...

  11. Aw...that toy sewing machine is so cute...and it actually sews! Great find.

  12. What a lovely collection of vintage treasures. That sewing machine is so cute.

  13. Oh I love your 'Betsy Ross' machine. How cute!


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