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Monday, January 7, 2013

Day Two - In Your Words Blog Hop

Sew we quilt

Today is day two of the In Your Words Blog Hop! We're off to a good start and today promises to be just as good!
Here is the lineup today:

Tuesday, January 8


  1. FYI - Terry's address is not coming up. Another inspiring day.

  2. Hi!!! Another fun day of words!!! I am already for tonight!!! Thank You

  3. I'm not participaating in this bloghop, but will in Dare to Dresden.. :-)
    I read your blog, and found that you are living i San Antonio. I'v been there 2 times, and liked it very much. The River Walk, Alamo and the Old Town with it's fahitas.. and the country side. Just marvelous, and I do understand the fasination of living there.
    I'm Norwegian but living in Sweden. We love to travel, and in April we are going to visit USA again. This time it will be the South, and Washington.
    And, of course I will have my personal map with quilting shops and so on.
    Have a wonderful time with bloghop, and I will visit again.
    Regards from Skåne.

  4. You are doing a awesome job Linda! Great second day :)

  5. despite the little glitches you are doing a great job.


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