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Monday, April 23, 2012

Bandana Apron Tutorial

 This little apron is made from bandanas. It is intended to be worn by a human and not a chair or stool, but this was the best I could do today! You can see my attempt at photographing it on myself through a mirror! Despite my photography problems, this was a very fast project and required very little sewing.

 I love the idea of re-purposing. I don't know why except that it makes me feel creative. For that reason, I can't seem to pass by the $1 rack of bandanas in Walmart without stopping and wondering what I can do with them. They are different every season and come in pretty colors and styles.
Below are a few others:

You need 3 bandanas for the little apron and a 5" x whatever length you need for a sash. (The bigger around the waist you are, the longer you need the sash.) You could alternatively buy a very wide ribbon to use. Press and starch each one before you begin.
1. Lay out three bandanas of your choice and place them point to point. If you turn back the points, you can check how the pockets will look. 
2. Put the corners of two bandanas right sides together. Measure down 7 1/2" from the point on each of the two sides and place a pin at the mark. Now draw a line between the 2 pins.
3. Sew on the line across the corner. Now sew again outside the line about 1/2".
4. Cut between the lines.
5. You now have a pocket ready to be pressed. It is already hemmed around the edges! Repeat all this on the other side of your center bandana with the leftover bandana. You will have a second pocket ready to go!
6. You now need to cut the points off the top. Measure 7 1/2" up from the side point and mark. Cut across from the top of the side seam to the mark. Do this also on the bandana on the opposite end.
7. Cut across the middle from the top of each side seam. The pieces you have cut off can be used to make a bib for your apron if you want. They might also be used to make potholders. OR, how about a little matching apron for a little girl? (You would have to modify it just a little, but the concept is the same.)
8. Here is the piece with the points cut off. Now sew a basting/gathering stitch across the top.
9. Pin the pocket pieces at the seams. I chose to switch the colors. Sew them on with the opening at an angle at the top center.
10. Pull the bobbin thread of your gathering stitch and gather it to about a 15" or 16" length. (Again, if you are large, you might want a wider apron front. Hold it up to yourself and check it out.)
11. Cut your sash 5" wide and as long as you need to go around your waist with room to tie. Place the middle of the sash to the middle of the top of the gathered apron, right sides together. Pin along each side. Sew it on along the gathering stitch.
12. Turn the sash right sides together and sew together along the end and up to the apron on each side. Press a 1/4" seam allowance up along the unsewn edge and press. Turn the sash inside out on each side. Press. Sew the turned edge down either by hand or machine along the gathering edge at the back. It should hide the gathering. Press well, and you're finished!

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  1. This is just sew cute - I want one in bright pink and white - Hobby Lobby - HERE I COME!

  2. How stinkin cute is that!! Thanks for sharing I well be headed to Wally world next week to get one made. On my Fiscal fast this week so no shopping for me.

  3. I love those bandanas also and this is a wonderful reason for buying some! Thank you, Linda!

  4. What a cute apron! Thanks so much for sharing how to make it!

  5. How clever you are with this fun and practical apron. Thank you so much for sharing your techniques. Blissful sewing...

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