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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Quilting with a Chihuahua.....or not!

If you've read my posts for very long, you've seen Fiona, the neighbor's dog, in several photos. She has worn a trail across my yard from hers and joins me any time I am outside. 
The neighbor has decided to give her away and my son is going to take her. He lives in another state and will take her home after his visit during Easter. She will have doggy sisters there to play with and keep her entertained. In the meantime, I am dogsitting. It has been a very long time since I've had a pet and I've never had a house dog. Having her here is a lot like having a 2 year old child! She wants constant attention and jumps in my lap any time I sit. She begs with big sad eyes if I have even a coffee cup in my hand and jumps at it dangerously.

 She sneaks big wet kisses when you least expect it and brings her favorite toy to put in your hand in hopes of play. (I do take time to play with her, so she's not neglected.)
I've learned that anything left out is fair game with her. She has already chewed up...... a spool of thread that she cleverly pulled off the coffee table with her paw (luckily she didn't eat any of the spool or the thread),
 a pin cushion full of crushed walnut shells (awful mess!) and a piece of my blue jeans!

Her dog bone "chews" are safely hidden away in my couch cushions.
 On the plus side, she is so excited to see me when I come in that her tail almost wags her! She sleeps between my husband and me curled up in a little ball, all warm and snuggly. If I move, she moves with me to cuddle closer.
 I have a quilt to baste that I don't dare lay out because she will be in the middle of it. Here is a sneak peak at part of it:
I will also soon have more tutorials up for you to see.
Join me on Thursday, March 22, when I post ideas for incorporating ribbon into your quilts in unusual ways. I will be guest hosting at  Sew We Quilt that day with a tutorial for a table runner using one of those ideas. Be sure and visit both of us then! (I will be back to normal very soon. Please stay with me! This is the busiest time of my business year.)
Until Thursday............
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  1. your "puppy" is so cute and sounds very sweet!

    we have to watch things around our house too. but our dog is a weee beeet bigger...a 95lb bullmastiff. She also sleeps curled up between husband and I in our bed at night.

    imho, she is worth any trouble...her unconditional love gives soooo much!


  2. Oh would you look at those sweet big brown eyes - she's adorable! But yes, a lot of work, lol. Love your sneak peek of your quilt, Linda!!!

  3. They say that the dog picks his owner... sounds like she did that a long time ago! lol At least she gets you for a nice grandma to visit and I hope your son brings her when he comes home. I think she will miss you!
    Be Well, Donnie

  4. She is really a cutie! By the time Easter comes you may not want to let her go! Can't wait to see your tutorial!

  5. My pomeranian helps me sew and such too. He got into this habit of picking up any material, pins or almost anything that drops onto the floor then "turns" them in for treats. He just loves it when I applique.

    You are going to miss him when he leaves

  6. Puppy makes me giggle! The other day I had to stop what I was working on and make a 'bed' for my dog (Chihuahua, Cocker Spaniel mix) because every time I got out of my chair in front of my machine, he took my spot! Or he tried to burrow in behind my bottom as I sat there trying to sew! Silly dogs!! Did you meet my dog?

  7. this pup sounds a LOT like my pup! pesky little things, these lap dogs. I enjoyed reading this :D

  8. Really learned a lot from your informative blog. More power to you! Thanks:-)


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