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Friday, October 28, 2011

Ghastlie Blog Hop, Day 5

Day 5 already! I hope you're visiting these blogs each day for great ideas! Here are today's blogs:

 ON Friday October 28th 
Day 5

And today's giveaway!

                                       DAY 5 Giveaway...
                                                           2 more WINNERS for 
                                                                 Ghastlie Fabric...

4 Yards EACH of this GHASTLIE 
Collection from our sponsor
They are sporting a BRAND NEW look too.!
YOU can VIEW these from samples they have posted!


  1. I so want this fabric I can't stop drooling.

  2. I love this fabric can not find it in the uk so here's hoping have a good day ttfn Nicole

  3. These fabrics remind me of The Addam's Family, I loved that show. ;-> Toni Anne


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