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Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Another Chair to Reupholster and More Progress!

I love shopping at thrift stores! The Salvation Army store in Kerrville is really a fun place! We were there last weekend and  I found another chair for $4. I think that it has nice lines.

I can learn to upholster on this chair and not be terrified of wasting a lot of money! 
I love the carved details on the front legs. I'm thinking this will make a nice "occasional" chair. One to put in a bedroom or something. I have no idea yet what I will cover it with. I really love the very old velvet that is on it, but it is pretty rotten! It needs new support in the seat, also!

We moved the refrigerator in the kitchen (of the hill country house) and I taped off where I wanted the range and range hood, cabinets, etc. to go in that space.  here is my inspiration:
(photo by John Bessler, page 104 in Better Homes and Gardens Kitchen and Bath Ideas magazine, Winter 2013. This magazine is FULL of inspiration!)

We're waiting on electrical and plumbing before the cabinets can go up! I had to go through and decide where I wanted outlets and lights. What a wonderful thing to be able to decide on and not just depend on what is already there!!!
We ended our day with a cookout just for the two of us! My sweet husband did it all! He had two big ribeye steaks (mine is the one in back that is getting a little more cooking time). The corn on the cob seen on the rack was crispy and sweet! The foil container has sliced potatoes and onions. They were my favorite! Wow! The onions just melted and became very sweet!
Speaking of cookouts, be sure to join us for the Perfect Picnic Blog Hop that is going on right now. My day to post is June 9th! 
See you then!


  1. How fun! I love Thrift Stores, enjoy your adventures in upholstering your awesome find. Love your inspiration photo and can't wait to see how your kitchen is going to turn out, but in the mean time enjoy those delicious bar-b-que meals, yummy!

  2. what a GREAT find on the chair! I have one pretty similar, but it's a family piece my grandparents bought new in the early 40's. I am scared to death to reupholster it! But, it needs it - luckily the seat springs and webbing are still good and the seat shape is good still (not flattened). Maybe you doing yours will give me the gall to work on mine :)

  3. So glad that you are enjoying planning your new house....know that you cant wait to start living in it!!! I hadn't thought about cooking the corn in the husk but am going to try it this week!!

  4. Oh Linda...I love finds like this...totally elegant...your new kitchen sounds wow! this excites me...wink... and no my decorating days are over for now ...wink..

  5. Can't wait to see what you do with your chair. I love the idea of upholstery but I'm not motivated enough to really give it a try.

  6. That is a great chair. I'd be scared to try re-upholstery. Not my talent area, I don't think.

  7. I love the inspiration photo for your new's going to be beautiful. Ray and I love to go to Bandera and Kerrville. Bandera is where his family is originally from. We love the drive on Hwy 16 ! When we get to Kerrville, I have to got to Gibson's to find the old time utensils and goodies in general you can't find anywhere else ! I love it down there....

  8. I love that chair but I think I would be way too intimidated to try upholstering it. :) Goodness your dinner looks scrumptious! blessings, marlene


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