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Friday, June 13, 2014

Adding a Scalloped Border to an Existing Border

My last post was about my picnic and my picnic quilt. I thought you might enjoy knowing a little trick about a way to "salvage" a border you don't like. In the quilt above, I just didn't like the finished look! I was really in a pickle trying to get this made between spending time with my dad, who was in the hospital, and trips to Kerrville. I decided I should have added scallops to the borders for an extra pop of color and interest. So.....being into applique more than piecing and not wanting to rip out seams, I decided to applique a scalloped border on top.

First, I cut a strip of freezer paper the width of the scallops I wanted. Since it can be ironed and and peeled off to reuse, I just cut a strip half the length of each side. I accordian-folded it and cut my scallops, then ironed it onto the RIGHT side of the fabric. Remember, shiny side DOWN. You don't want the iron to touch that side.) I cut along the edge leaving a 1/4" seam allowance.

I ran a glue stick along the wrong side of the seam allowance at both scalloped edge and straight edge and pinched it back, where the glue held it in place. At this point, I peeled off the paper and repositioned it at the other half of the strip. (Remember, my freezer paper strip was only half the length of my fabric strip, not because it has to be but because it would take a LOT of paper). I then pressed it with an iron.

I pinned it in position and appliqued it on by hand. You could choose to sew it on by machine, if you wish. 
I've actually changed my mind on several quilts and used the applique method to change something that I decided I didn't like. You can applique squares over squares, for example, if you decide you either made a mistake or don't like the placement.
Just have fun with it! No quilt is beyond repair!


  1. What a great idea. Hugs.....

  2. Great job, Linda! I love the way it turned out.

  3. How clever are you? Thanks for sharing - I have a boring border that can really be perked up with this trick!

  4. ohhhh thank you for really thank you....I am working on something that needs this exact finishing...complements to you of course....ohhhh love this.

  5. Genius idea Linda! Hope your Dad is feeling better.

  6. What a wonderful idea Linda! I'm sorry your Dad has been ill - fingers crossed for better days ahead. blessings, marlene

  7. Such an innovative idea! Thank you for that. Quilters are so creative.

  8. So clever and creative, and just like you! Thanks for sharing this tip. I've been stressing over a border for a little project I'm working on and will entertain this idea. Hoping your dad is feeling better.


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