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Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Hill Country Memorial Day Weekend

We spent the weekend at the hill country house and stayed over for Memorial Day. Fortunately, we got quite a bit done despite the thunderstorms!
From the balcony off the master bedroom, we watched the storm clouds roll in from the distance! 

I couldn't get a panoramic photo, but it made a dome over the horizon. We could see the lightening in the distance and could hear the thunder. 
Since we don't have a working kitchen, we had brought a grill and steaks to cook for our lunch. We were beginning to make alternate plans! As it turned out, we had a very hard rain until about 11:00, and by noon the sun was out and we were able to enjoy the fresh air! (Unfortunately, we got word that the Pleasanton area had flooding! On our way home, we saw cars parked beside the road because some people were unable to get to their houses!)

We came to some decisions about the kitchen while talking to the contractor, and because we needed to wait on him to do a few things,  we started on the downstairs.

This closet is 10' x 12'. We have plans to completely reconfigure the downstairs and this will become a guest room. We will add a large window and a closet will fit under the stairs which are on the other side of the wall on the left.
Here it is before hauling all the shelves to the workshop area. 
 I have a watercolor my sister painted of my granddaughter and me at the beach. This will be the room for that. Soft tan walls, white trim and linens, and touches of blue from the painting. We will reuse the white berber carpet from the living room and some of it will go in this room. 

I found the perfect lamp at Home Goods and made a couple of throw pillows. The pillows are made of canvas and burlap, with the bulap sewn to the top and edges frayed. I painted "beach" on one and "sand" on the other. 
I have a picture in my mind of how it will look, but I will have to wait a while before I can start decorating. Meanwhile, I have a little corner in our apartment where I am stashing my "finds"! (Oh, and I found a bucket of seashells in the yard, so I have more ideas for that!) Most of the house will not have themes, but this room will be  for special memories!  


  1. Your vision sounds wonderful. Looking forward to seeing it as a room. Great pillow.

  2. I'm looking forward to seeing your beach themed room when it's finished. Have a great day, Linda.

  3. Spectacular views. I love your "theme" room for keeping memories close. Creative Bliss Dear...

  4. Beautiful view! Love your memories theme room idea.

  5. Decorating a brand new home sounds so much fun but at the same time so much work. I'm not good at making a home look pretty and would buy a show room home! But you sound like you're good at this. Your memories room appeal to me. I wish I have space in my tiny apartment for a memories room. (we're such hoarders - plenty of memories)

  6. your view despite a storm brewing is rather breathtaking...before you know it you will look back and fast the time went and you will be settling in decorating...


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