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Friday, February 24, 2017

I'm Here for Show and Tell!

I have been really busy since I last posted. 
We have almost finished the downstairs. We still have the staircase to trim out and finish, but the downstairs apartment is very livable.
Above is our little kitchenette. It has a sink, microwave, and refrigerator. If we needed to add a stove, we could put a cook top in the island. We mostly keep snacks here to use with the media room.

 Here you can see it in relation to the staircase (unfinished as you see). There is a large patio door at the side that you can't really see. It is in a covered area and gives access to the back patio. (Sugarplum photo bombed me! She really likes this new area.)

 Here is the main guestroom downstairs. The bed is a queen, so the room is small, but not tiny. (The painting on the wall is an original watercolor by my sister. It is of my granddaughter and me at Topsail Island hunting shark's teeth.)
 Here is the room a year ago!
 The pink room in the BEFORE picture above, became part of the new bedroom. Two bathrooms went beside that. Here is the one off the bedroom. You can see the big window in the following guest bath photo. Since we have rock on the wall outside, we didn't want to have the expense of changing the window. 
 The vanity is tucked in at the end of the shower. The shower is quite large. 
Second bathroom off the hallway and across from the media room.
 I still need to make drapes and paint the closet door to match the walls. (Media rooms are supposed to be dark!) We designed this room as a second downstairs bedroom. The platform for the theater seats is made to be removable. The couch is also a hideabed. 
In my sewing room, I now have a rolling cutting table!

 My husband made it out of the cubicles and top I had been using. The top is actually the top from my daddy's old drafting table, so it is a sentimental addition. It is also the perfect size for a large cutting mat!
I wanted my table on wheels so I could move it around. It is perfect for moving to the side of my sewing area!
My sewing room is quite large and if this area were used as an apartment or "mother-in-law suite", this would be the living/dining room area. It even has a door to the front yard and a separate entrance as seen near the dress form above. 
We are nearing the "home stretch" now! We are slow at getting the work done, but that is the way it is when you do things mostly yourself on a budget! With the help of Craigslist, thrift shops, recycling what we had, etc., we have done pretty well I think! I love my new space.

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  1. Wonderful work! I know it will be a real joy when finished.

  2. Delightful and beautiful - what joy. You made it your place which makes it so special.

  3. guys have accomplished so much!!!

  4. Love your cubicle storage unit. What a beautiful space for creating!

  5. Your rooms are beautiful! Especially the sewing room . I'm green with envy!

  6. the sewing room.....I think I need a slobber rag

  7. this is beautiful! It looks clean and open and comfortable all at once, that's a hard balance to strike! I just went to my blog today and saw that you left me a comment a month ago that I didn't see because I moderate the old posts! Thank you for your warm thoughts and all the love and strength you shared through the most confusing moments of the journey. I hope you and the family are well Lara!

  8. Wow....what a wonderful place to sew.

  9. Looks great Linda. I am so glad you can see the light at the end of the tunnel now. Remodeling can be exciting but it really takes a toll too. It's hard work! Y'all have done a fantastic job and I love your sewing studio.

  10. Beautiful rooms! Represents a lot of hard work. But the enjoyment will be worth it.

  11. Wow. I must say that I'm impressed by the details you've put into your renovation project. My wife has been after me for years to get busy and renovate our home. She wants a new bathroom, and sewing room added on to the house. Your blog has motivated me to get started on those projects now. She'll be glad I found your blog.

  12. Your website is really nice and this is a great inspiring article.


  13. hello there Linda. Your downstairs look lovely in the new house. I wonder if I might ask if you know what happened to Mdm Samm. Actually I don't really need any info - just to know she is alright. I tried emailing her when she disappeared - her and Cori - but no reply and I think of her quite often and wonder if she and her husband David are alright. Thanks Karen, Miss H and Baa. xxx


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