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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Lunch Tables

My family is coming to my house for lunch after church on Christmas day. I have two tables set up - one in the breakfast area and one in the dining room. Our local Texas based grocery store (HEB) has Christmas plates this year with a Cowboy Santa and the Alamo in the background. The plates are china, not plastic, and at $2.50 a plate, I couldn't resist. I already had the Alamo from my Christmas village, so I set it up (raised on a box) in the center of a wreath. The cactus candles had been in my closet unused for a couple of years.

The "boot" napkin holders are simply cut from an embossed faux leather and sewn together only on the sides (left open at top and bottom).
I made a simple rope "loop" to slip over the glass.


The dining room is set up a little more formally. The round table in there is 75" across, so I can seat 8 people easily. I found these sweet little salad/dessert plates at Walgreens for $1 each! I already had white plates  and red chargers. I made simple little napkin holders of loops of stretchy sequined ribbon ($2.50 for a roll).
The centerpiece is a wreath surrounded by a garland of red berries. I placed a plant stand in the center, scrunched the leftover ribbon around the space between the wreath and the stand, and placed a frosted red-polka dotted trifle bowl on the stand. The poinsettia was set in the bowl. I placed a dove on the side of the wreath. There is a cardinal on the other side. 

The pictures don't show the complete table settings since I still have more napkins to make, but I think you can get the general idea. We will eat "buffet" style since we have to sit at two tables, so I didn't need a lot of room on the table for food. I also didn't put out place cards because I want my family members to sit at the table they like best. 
I still have a lot of time to make little changes and improvements to my tables, but I can enjoy the decorating during the entire holiday season! 
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  1. Love your boots. Your family probably loves to come and see what all is new every year. Nice ideas.

  2. Oh is have the patience of an angel....and the prices you got the dishes for are unreal...good for you...

  3. Oh i am so envious and just want to leave work right now and decorate my home...this looks gorgeous. Its so lovely to receive guests when offering them something a little more special on Christmas day. I must do something a little extra special for the children since its their first Christmas in Australia. They are already puzzled that there will be no snow!! Those dishes are so so cute and i love your boot napkin holders!!
    Have the best day

  4. Wow! I'm blown away by your western themed table - totally in love with it. blessings, marlene

  5. I love the Alamo table - how fun! Looking great Linda!

  6. oh you and i would get on well! I love a girl who knows how to do Christmas properly - Love it love it love it!

  7. Both table settings are amazing. You are so talented with your designs. I'm not sure which table I would choose.

  8. Very elegant without feeling 'formal'. Both settings are very inviting. Hope you have a wonderful time with your family.


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