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Friday, December 9, 2011

Boot Napkin Ring Tutorial

My last post showed a table setting based on my Cowboy Santa Christmas plates. I've been asked how the napkin rings were made. These are so simple, you will be surprised. You could make them in any shape you want, too! There is no reason it has to be a boot.

Draw off the shape you want. Cut it out and place it on a doubled (wrong sides together) piece of your chosen fabric. I used an embossed upholstery fabric that looks like leather.

Cut out the shape.
Sew a very scant seam along the two sides. Leave the top and bottom open. Because this fabric can't ravel, I didn't have to turn any edges. This would also work with felt.
Roll up your napkin, fold in half, and insert into the boot.

My next post will be a method to speed up and simplify hemming table napkins if you don't have a rolled hem foot for your machine.
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  1. very cute thanks for sharing the tutorial!

  2. well when you are in TX there is sure darn tootin every reason it has to be a boot! LOL great tutorial!! Thanks!

  3. Thanks for the great tutorial. It looks easy enough even for me to make - lol!

  4. Great idea...very cute! Christmas trees would be really cute :)

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