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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Chance of Snow!

It was almost 80 degrees last week and felt like spring, but with the cold that is blanketing so much of the United States, we have a 70% chance of snow tonight! It is supposed to go back up to 60 degrees on Saturday.
Do I sound excited? You think I'm crazy? Well, the last time I remember it snowing here was in 1985. My dad can tell you the exact day and exact time! It makes an impression on you when you live in an area where snow is as rare as hen's teeth. (Now, I've lived on the east coast for a while before moving back here so I've seen snow, but it's quite an event to see it here.) For those of you who would like to ship that four, five or six feet of snow to us here in south Texas - I do feel your pain. Sort of. I would not want snow and cold for weeks or months at a time. I love having spring weather during the winter. Of course, this is really bad for the plants we have that can't take the cold. 
This brings back memories of living in Athens, Georgia. At the slightest mention of snow or ice, every loaf of bread and every gallon of milk disappeared from the grocery shelves. People here don't have enough experience with snow to know what to rush in and buy - they just know they need to buy something!
 I went to Walmart and people were rushing around like this was the end of the world or something. These are people who haven't had to insulate outdoor faucets very often. They haven't even really needed a coat until this week! (Maybe a sweater on a couple of unusually cool days.) When I walked out to my car, I heard a cow mooing in the parking lot. That brought me back to a sense of reality. Here I am in a small Texas town where cattlemen feel compelled to stop by Walmart with a trailer load of cattle (on their way to market, no doubt) so they can run in and join the frenzy. How much fun is that!!! I love it.
I'm having some trouble downloading photos, but if we DO get snow, I will try doubly hard to get some pictures up. In the meantime, I've gotten 2 wallhangings finished and I've started on a quilt. These are perfect days for quilting. I have chili in the crock pot, so our supper is ready and will simmer all day. I hope you are staying snug and warm wherever you are!


  1. I am in Central Texas, and I too am excited about the prospect of snow. It is funny my Daughter and grandchildren in El Paso have had snow twice this winter and here in the Austin area we have not had any. I thought El Paso was a desert area when they moved there and have been so surprised. This is their first winter out there. Just moved back to Texas from Virginia.

  2. I guess El Paso is at a high enough latitude and close enough to the mountains to get the brunt of those Canadian fronts that come through. I had a son in Abilene and they also got several snows a year. West Texas is known for weather extremes - cold winters and hot summers!
    It's 6:20 and we still haven't had any snow. :o( Maybe tonight.


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