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Friday, September 24, 2010

Sunflower Name Tag

Here's an idea for a name tag using scraps. I know that many guilds require name tags. In my local guild, if I forget to wear a name tag I'm charged a 25 cent fine. I plan on making several so that I can wear them like "funky" jewelry. 

Start out with a circle. Turn the edge under about 1/4" and make a running stitch around it. Leave the needle and thread in, as you will need to gather it and secure it later. Yes, you have made a large yo-yo!

Cut 5 squares. Mine were big enough that the circle fit inside with the turned under sides touching, but the size can vary. I think petals a little smaller than I made might look nicer. (Hindsight, you know!) Fold them into triangles and sew the open edges, leaving a turning space.
Trim the points, turn, and press.

Cut a circle of batting and a circle of contrasting fabric about 1/3 smaller than your yo-yo circle. Your name will go on the contrasting fabric. It might be wise to wait until the yo-yo is gathered to write the name to be sure it fits.

Make a running stitch across the bottom (the folded edge) of the petal and gather. Do this with all 5 petals. Of course, there's no reason you couldn't have 6 or more petals. Have fun with it!

Cut another circle (same size as the contrasting fabric circle) out of a scrap (I used muslin, but you could even use felt) and sew the petals around the edge of it.

Place the batting and contrasting circle inside the yo-yo and place this on top of the petals, as shown. Sew through all layers by sewing as close to the edge on the contrasting fabric as you can get. Check under the loose edge of the yo-yo to be sure the raw edges of the petals are not showing.

Now gather the yo-yo and secure the thread.

You can even slip a paper name tag inside the opening if you want. You can stop at this point


You can further embellish by adding a leaf. Sew a leaf shape (a little longer than the petals) on two pieces of fabric, right sides together. Leave the bottom flat and unsewn.
Turn, press, and make a tuck in the bottom to give it a shape. Sew to the back of the name tag, showing through a couple of petals.

You can also put a puffy center in by placing a wad of stuffing underneath the contrasting fabric and hand sewing the yo-yo edge down around it.

Add beads around the edge if you want.

I cut a circle of yellow felt that I hand sewed to the back of my name tag to finish it off neatly.

Now you're ready to go to the guild meeting in style!


  1. Love your flowers, what a great design.
    Thanks so much.


  2. Thank you, Mandy! I'll be posting some new name tag ideas later. Keep your eyes out for them. :o)

  3. This is such a clever idea! I may make some just to wear! Mark that one for the future book!!!

  4. I love this idea. It would make a nice brooch. Though I might leave out my name for that :)

  5. Great idea making it like your logo ! I love it . okay???? Lol


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