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Monday, July 18, 2016

Feeling Better and Ready to Get Back to Work!

I'm healing quickly and feeling anxious to get back to work downstairs on my sewing room! Sugarplum and I are tired of working puzzles.
 Just before the accident, I found these two end tables at a local thrift shop. I think that with a little work, I can turn them into an island for the downstairs kitchen. My husband is "dubious", so now I have to wow him with what I do! I will post a picture when I finish unless it is a big failure. I have a plan in my mind! (The boxes behind them are cabinets for my sewing room. I can't put them together until the floor is down in there because there is no place to store them in the meantime.)
 Speaking of thrift shops, I found something totally unexpected just Saturday. I was taking my time looking over the shelves and saw a big rock in a zip-loc bag.  I recognized it as a fossilized bone. 

 One person thinks it may be a whale bone. If any of you out there have any other ideas, let me know. Any paleontologists out there? It is very definitely fossilized and weighs about 2 pounds. The minerals in it look like the flint we have here among the limestone. Because this area of the hill country is a retirement area, there are all kinds of interesting things in the thrift shops. This could have come from anywhere in the world, although this part of Texas is known for it's fossils. There are dinosaur tracks not far from here, although I'm not saying this is a dinosaur vertebrae. If it is whale, it was brought here from elsewhere, which is probably the case.
I have not been able to go downstairs these last few weeks, but the underlayment is down, new air conditioning ducts and vents are in, and we are getting closer to being able to put down the flooring.
We're still enjoying the wildlife and it appears they are having fun at our expense!

We heard a noise in the garage and when we opened the door, this doe ran out! She found the deer corn and managed to get a new, unopened bag off a shelf and partially opened!
She just stood a distance away to see if we would feed her.
I hope to post pictures of my sewing room soon. I am SO ready for progress! 
Until then.....

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  1. So glad you are improving! Sugarplum must be a good assistant. Love the story of the deer making herself at home...we have many of them here, too!

  2. I've been working puzzles on the computer. I'm sure those tables will work well for an island in the kitchen. Hope you heal quickly, and can start putting those cabinets together soon, for your sewing room.

  3. I can only imagine how eager you are to escape and get productive again. I hope the time arrives soon.

  4. So glad to read that you are doing better. Great sign of improvement when you get really antsie to get back to working on the house.

  5. It's great to hear that you are feeling better! That's pretty funny about the deer!

  6. I am happy to hear that you are feeling better. I think that would be fun to make into a table, wish I had more gumption to repurpose things.


  7. So glad you are healing. I can envision that kitchen island. I look forward to seeing what you do with the tables. That deer is pretty crafty and pretty darned fearless!!
    xx, Carol

  8. So wonderful to hear you are doing better..and love the finds...I love the treasures you find....and yes that is most likely a whale bone..I saw one when we were on the east girl.. and the doe....oh my

  9. So glad to read that you are on the mend!
    I can see those end tables as a kitchen island. Hmm, now I wonder how you will make them taller. I'm sure your creative mind has already solved that issue.
    Oh, that clever little doe! She thought you had set up a buffet just for her.

  10. Linda Dear I am so sorry to read of your accident. I had lost your blog and just now found it again. Not having my desktop computer has created total havoc for me. I shall add you to my Prayers and Healing Energy sentiments. You are so close to finishing your home and now patience must be your healing mantra. Blessings Dear...

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