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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hexed by a Hexagon!


I've been hexed! I found a fabric that I just HAD to have! (Imagine that!) It's Radiance Lace by Beth Studley for Makower. 
I brought it home and started pulling fabrics from my stash to see what I had that complimented the colors in the fabric. Then I started trying to decide on a quilt that would show it off. Most blocks required cutting the fabric into pieces too small to really let the design sing....except for these large hexagons. Each side is 6" long.

I love the look! I at first pulled bright reds and golds from my stash. I decided then that I would try to tone it down a little (really hard for me!) and give it a more feminine look. When I laid it all out to see, I wanted more. I went to a local thrift shop and bought some vintage laces and doilies. I embellished some of the blocks with these. Later, I read that Beth had been inspired by vintage lace, so it turned out to be quite fitting!

After that, I decided it was like a giant bee hive, so I appliqued some bees on half a dozen blocks.  

So here it is draped across a bed. I haven't decided on a "home" for it yet, but it is big enough for a twin sized bed and could easily be made larger. It is completely hand sewn with each block quilted as I went along. 

I can envision doing this with fabrics from  men's shirts or with novelty prints for a child. It could be any size you want with blocks any size you choose. 

On the homefront, we are getting closer and closer to finishing the downstairs. We are waiting on a couple of inspections before having the drywall put up. After that, I can paint! Of course, we still will have a LOT to do - tiling the showers, finishing the kitchenette, flooring! BUT, we'll be able to see the new rooms with walls.
My garden, small as it is, is beginning to bloom.

The hydrangeas are covered with buds, but they haven't opened yet. 

We are having some thunderstorms and hail, so hopefully, they will benefit from that and not suffer!
Until next time!


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  1. You hand quilted hexagon quilt s stunning. It is easy to see how you got inspired by this design. Your garden blooms are beautiful. So happy to hear you are closing in on the finish line of your home.

  2. The quilts is so so beautiful and you hand stitched it. The fabric is perfect and your garden is growing so beautiful. It is a great time to be in Texas even with all the rain.

  3. Very pretty, Linda! Quilt and flowers alike. XO

  4. Your Hexies are wonderful. I love the lace and the bees are precious. Glad to hear that things with the house are still moving along nicely.

  5. That hexie quilt is gorgeous. Love the embellishments too.

  6. Great quilt! I have lots of little doilies, just waiting for the right mood to strike before I use them. The bluebonnets in the Mason area were wonderful!!!! The best I saw across the state.

  7. Hey Linda. I have just had a few minutes to catch up with your doings..... I am so glad that the house is going well and it seems that you are enjoying working thru it. I am glad to see you designing quilts again. The one in the previous post is wonderful!!! AND, this hexagon is magnificent. I love the addition of the doilies. It really turns it into a "female" quilt!!

  8. That is a beautiful quilt! Gorgeous fabric. Always excited to see how you are doing in the house!

  9. Beautiful quilt! I love the lace and the bees :)

  10. This quilt is so dang pretty!! The lace touches are stunning!! And so much better because it's hand stitched. Do you have any idea how long it took to stitch?

  11. LOVE this! I have always wanted to make a quilt as you go hexagon quilt. Did you make your own template for the large hexie?

  12. Your quilt looks gorgeous, Linda.

  13. WOW!!!! This Beautiful! So lovely!!!!!

  14. This quilt is so gorgeous and I love all the little touches you added to it! What a great idea to add lace!


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