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Monday, March 28, 2016

Spring is Here and Progress is Still Slow!

Spring is here in the Texas Hill Country and things are starting to bloom and leaf out! 

 The bluebonnets are not as showy around here as they have been in past years. I guess the weather just wasn't right for them. They are beautiful in patches, but just not as widespread as before. It can take a couple of years for the seeds to germinate, so perhaps next year will be more favorable for them. 

I went to a quilt retreat a few weeks ago with my sister and we both made tuffets. She is going to be teaching a class on tuffet making, so we were trying it out first.
Hers is the blue, pink and green one and mine is the multi-color one.

 I was going for the McKenzie-Childs look!
(and yes, my poor little tuffet is a little bit bowlegged! I need to take the legs off and try again!)

I have designed a new pattern for a spring quilt, but it is not in published form yet. 

(My camera has started taking out of focus photos!)

I have also finished a small quilt that is just the right size for the top of a card table. It would also make a nice crib sized quilt. This was a UFO I finished! I pieced it by hand on trips back and forth.

In other news, we've made the full time move to the new house and we're settling in quite nicely.  Sugarplum has found a new favorite spot in the office and is no longer afraid of the deer outside the window!

I hope that next time I will have more to show you on my new sewing room. At the moment it is the storage place for the cabinets and furniture for other rooms. I DID manage to strip some of the wallpaper off two walls. The rest is behind furniture and I'll have to do it later. The blue baseboards will also need to be painted!

We've had a plumber come in and do all the "roughing in" for the two new bathrooms and the kitchenette downstairs. The electrical is still in progress. When that is finished, we can start with putting up wallboard. In the meantime, I am sewing in my dining room upstairs.
 I hope you had a great Easter and if it is spring where you live, I hope it is full of flowers!

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  1. I'm hoping the bluebonnets will be more plentiful in East Texas, and, near Inks lake, as I'll be in those places in the next week or so.

  2. Beautiful flowers. We are not there yet in Northern Indiana! Cool Tuffit. I'm seeing them everywhere on the blogs. The newest trend, I think. Love the new quilt. So summery and those pet are sure cute.
    xx, Carol

  3. Happy to hear you are living in your house full time. And the flowers are beautiful! Where I live we had snow again last week.

  4. Love the tuffets!!! I also would like to place an order for that beautiful quilt pattern for the shop!!!!!


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