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Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Upcycling Fun!

I found a striking red top and skirt in the thrift store last weekend that I bought. When I got it home, the skirt was a size smaller than the top and I couldn't wear it. I wish I had taken a picture of it, but didn't. It had a red print shell with a solid red linen skirt. The skirt had embroidery across the front bottom hemline.
I decided to make a little sun dress for my niece, who is about to turn 5. 
Although I had a couple of patterns, I didn't have enough fabric to make them. I decided to just come up with a design of my own.
I used the embroidered front to make a little "sewn in" apron. The top became the bodice and sash, and the solid linen became the rest of the dress.
 It cost me $3. 
My niece's favorite part is the apron!
 My husband and I married our Junior year in college (university to my British and European friends). We were "dirt poor", to say the least, paying for schooling and trying to manage on our own.
Several times I went to a thrift store and bought dresses that I could take apart and use as fabric. It gave me a chance to sew and have something new on a pauper's budget! time you start to throw out that beautiful piece of clothing that no longer fits or is no longer in style, rethink it as fabric! 


  1. Your adorable niece is very fortunate and looks like she really likes her new dress. I have always cut up clothes for the fabrics to use for other projects. That is how we "paupers" were raised and I am proud of the skills my parents taught us children. Creative Dress Bliss...

  2. What a lovely new dress. How clever of you, Linda.

  3. I love using a great piece of clothing as fabric. I have shopped thrift stores just to do that with my finds.

  4. Love the pictures. They need to be enlarged and framed. They are beautiful.

  5. I think she would be beautiful in anything..

  6. I think she would be beautiful in anything..

  7. What a doll! I buy wool skirts at the thrift shop a lot and get great wool for pennies! blessings, marlene


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