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Monday, August 17, 2015

The Hill Country House in August, 2015

It's hard getting a photo in a small space! This room is about 12' x 7'. This is the pantry space we have been working on for the last few weeks. We have several names for it:
Prep Kitchen
Butler's Kitchen
Dirty Kitchen (I think we've nixxed this one!)
My husband has been calling it the Prep Kitchen, I have just called it the Pantry. 
It is designed for the prep work, the "dirty" work of cooking. This type of room has come about because of the openness of new homes.
I've divided it into areas:
This is the baking area. I have emptied all bags into air tight containers and labeled them. The drawers and cabinets under the counter hold measuring cups, measuring spoons, bowls, etc. The vintage cannisters on the top shelf hold my collection of cookie cutters. They were stored at my parent's house and survived the fire! Each cannister is labeled to hold different types: Holiday, Animals and People, Shapes, Molds, etc.
This is the coffee/tea center. The k-cups for our Kuerig are in the drawer. (I didn't get a photo, phooey! I have divided the drawer into sections for different types of coffee.)
The coffee pot conveniently rolls out for use and when not in use....
...the door can be closed!
Beside this you can see the toaster oven. Above that on the shelves are coffee cups, breakfast cereals, and other breakfast foods.
My spice jars (8 oz. canning jars labeled) are on stair step risers that my dad made for me according to my specifications. Actually, it is one piece that fits exactly between the shelf supports and is a lot like stadium seating!
You can see in the panoramic picture that I have interspersed cookbooks and baskets (for things like chips). We use fresh vegetables as much as possible, but cans are beside the spices so far.
I'm sure I will make changes when I start doing more cooking in this area. 
I have my bread machine out in the picture. I prefer baking bread in the oven, but it was wonderful smelling baking bread as we worked! 
We have a wooden screen door on order that will be installed between the pantry and the main kitchen. 
We picked up a couple of trays for our coffee table when we were at Home Goods last week. I'm sure the display will change, but for now I have some succulents (not real but they look real!), antique books, and a pair of my husband's great granddaddy's glasses sitting on the books.
I found a large Mexican blanket at an estate sale and I threw it over the dining room table for that elusive "you know it when you see it"  Texas hill country look.
We also bought a few antique
"milk of magnesia" bottles that I have soaking. $1 each! 
These predate the Phillips brand of my childhood.
Things are coming along! We have tons of little finishing details to do, but I am having so much fun cooking in my new kitchen now.

 There is still a LOT going on behind the scenes right now. My life will calm down some day, I'm sure! Nothing bad, only busy!
Until next time.....




  1. To rebuild after losing everything is an overwhelming ordeal and yet you are continuing along your journey with grace and patience and fortitude. Your home is beautiful and yet comfortable. I adore your Prep Kitchen and how you have it organized. Cook On Dear...

  2. You are making great progress Linda! Your kitchen looks great!

  3. YAY!!!! Are you all in Full-time???? It looks so beautiful!!!

  4. YAY!!!! Are you all in Full-time???? It looks so beautiful!!!

  5. I enjoy the updates on your new home. Thanks for sharing with us. Will the house have a special sewing studio?

  6. I love the "Butler Kitchen" I could stay there all day and be so so happy.

  7. I think that "Butler Kitchen" is a fabulous idea. Love it! Everything is looking so beautiful!

  8. I like the idea of having a pantry. My home is so small we only have room for a "dirty kitchen". People who live in Singapore will never have the luxury of an extra kitchen for prep work except those who live in large houses and these are the millionaires.

  9. It's so beautiful Linda - I'd kill for that Butler's Pantry! blessings, marlene


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