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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Still Working, But Enjoying the View!

We were at the Hill Country house this weekend, enjoying steaks my husband had grilled (YUM!!!) and also enjoying watching the wildlife just outside the dining room window! This sweet doe saw us and was curious about what we were doing.
 We did get some work done. The first photo below shows the installed countertop before I put the hand rubbed finish on it. The second shows it after.  The difference was even more noticeable in "real life"! The countertop is red cedar. I put a finish on it that is a mixture of beeswax and mineral oil. It feels silky and smooth after rubbing.

We installed a built in trash can in the working pantry. (I still need to do a little touching up where we removed the hinges on the cabinet door.)

We replaced my scroll saw (lost in the fire) and I will be cutting out brackets this week to hold the pantry shelves.

I've started playing around with the breakfast area. I found a couple of old farm chairs since this photo was taken, but they need to be painted and the seats recovered. ($5 each, so what do you expect?) The chairs seen here are extras from my dining room. This was my 1930's farmhouse table, chalk painted again in a brighter color than the gray I ended up with last time.

We did manage to attend a couple of estate sales on Friday and Saturday. I bought an old Navajo blanket. (Hand woven from wool). This is a LARGE blanket.

We also found a turn of the century Morris Chair. It was the first type of recliner sold. If you look closely, you can see a bar behind the seat back. That bar can be moved back on wooden "cradles" and the seat rests on it. The farther back you moved the bar, the farther back the seat will recline. I will recover the seat......some day! The original casters say 1894, but the chair could be a few years older.

My oldest son will be coming in a couple of 
weeks to help me organize my kitchen and pantry drawers and shelves, so we want to have all the shelves up before he gets here.

My sister and I still have some sewing news in the works, but we're waiting on some paperwork to come in before we can finalize it all. All that to say, I have been sewing, but I can't show you just yet! Stay tuned!
In the meantime, have a wonderful week!


  1. Looking good! How soon til you move in permanently?

  2. Love the finish on your counter top - gorgeous!!! I'm with sunny - when are you moving in?? Your neighbors are adorable and I love how they come over for a bite to eat!

  3. I just love all of the treasures that you find and restore..... makes your home so personalized and welcoming. And I love that view!

  4. That cabinet top is gorgeous!!!!

  5. I agree, that island top is wonderful! I am excited to hear what you and your sister have been up to... :)

  6. How lovely to have deer visit you or are they bad for the garden? I love your Morris chair, Linda.

  7. love everything you're doing! It is looking fabulous! Can't wait to see what you and your sister have up your sleeve.

  8. Your work is so making this your lovely home. The finish on the red cedar top is gorgeous. I love all the wonderful treasures you find and acquire. And you have time to sew?!! You are amazing dear...

  9. It must be so exciting to see your new home really coming together. Hard work and all but it is coming along nicely from the photos you share. Love the wildlife too.

  10. Hi Linda, I've never seen a doe before. They look kind of elegant. I love your Morris chair. What a find! In Singapore people moving away hold garage sales but it's mostly electronics and Ikea furniture. No Morris chair for sure!


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