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Monday, July 13, 2015

A "Bad Chair" Day and More Progress!

Now this is what I call "Fixer Upper" chairs! They were only $5 each, although some people think I should have been paid to haul them off!

 I tightened them up with wood glue, fixed a small split, and removed the old seats.

After a little sanding, they were ready for their makeover!

Chalk paint and a little selective distressing and they are ready for a seat!

I had pieces of upholstery left from other projects, see here, and I combined the scraps for the two seats I needed. I had to pay more for the foam used for the cushion than I did for the chairs or upholstery! 

(The Morris chair is still in the background, but will be eventually moved to the sewing room.)

My husband got all my shelves up in the "Butler's Kitchen". I cut out the brackets for the shelves, then stained and sealed all the pieces. I still need to fill the screw holes.  
 It is taking a LONG time to get this house the way we want it, but now that I can see progress, it is more fun! We still have a lot to do, but the main floor is close to being finished!


  1. It IS coming together and yes, I agree, it's more fun to do when you can see progress. Just think, soon you'll be able to sit back and enjoy it.

  2. Your chairs look great...nice makeover. The shelves are lovely too.

  3. Fabulous upgrade on the chairs. Love your shelves and brackets. I know it seems slow to you but your home really is coming along nicely. High on Life July...

  4. Don't you love little successes like this? Very nice!

  5. Now you can eat in your little breakfast nook (now that you have comfy chairs). It's coming along nicely.

  6. Love the chairs. Will you be moving in soon?

  7. You are so handy. I took carpentry for two years and 4 years of metal work in secondary school but I can't even use an electric drill today.

  8. WOW Linda. You guys are working so hard to make sure that everything is just right before you move in. I know that you cant wait for that day!!!


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