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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Hill Country Update, This Rocks!

This looks like a mess, but it's actually progress! My dad has been making cabinets that match the existing cabinets so we can add them in where we need them. The island will have cabinets only at the end near the range and he has made a red cedar counter top to go on top and extend past the cabinets to form a breakfast area. The cabinet that drops down a few inches will have our stone counter top and will also have a sink and dishwasher. (As you can see, the floor is not in yet. It will be the last thing to go in.)

The cabinets on the "living room" side of the kitchen have been set. The columns will have stone on them, so they are still bare.

The doorway you see here will lead into the butler's kitchen (also called a "dirty kitchen" or "working kitchen".) The built-in refrigerator will go to the left of it where you see the dry wall built out. 

This is the wall where the range and Vent-a-Hood will go. I will be painting all the cabinets to match. The areas where the dry wall is gone will be limestone. (We still need to remove some above some cabinets, but since I was the one doing that I had to stop when I got to the areas that I couldn't even reach with a ladder.) That has to go in after the counter tops. (They will be making the template for counter tops this week and then will put us on the list for installation. UGH! I hate this waiting game!)

it doesn't look like much yet, but progress is being made. Just wait and see. It will all come together in the end!

During a little break, I found a couple of large rocks that really were interesting to me. It's not uncommon to find rocks in the hill country with all kinds of shapes and wear patterns. Many have holes and other beautiful and odd configurations. This held my interest because not only did it have holes,it had a very porous texture like a bone. I thought  it was a deer skull when I pulled it out of the ground. (It was half exposed.) 
See how porous it looks? 

Nearby was another interesting rock. These are both large rocks, about 10"to 11" wide. 

This also had an interesting texture and was full of holes. 
I can't wait to do some exploring with my grandson. I think this would be a great place for a little boy to find "treasures".
I am working on some quilty projects, but I am saving some to show for the See You in September blog hop! I hope you'll be surprised!


  1. Looks like everything is starting to come together. I know that 'hurry up then wait' is irritating, but, necessary, if you want it done correctly.

  2. I see it !!!! That is going to be lovely!!!!!
    I can't wait!

  3. It's going to be worth it in the end Linda.

  4. You are so brave doing all those renovations! It's looking fabulous!!!

    Those are interesting rocks too....or maybe dinosaur bones....

  5. It's so fun to see progress. It's really starting to come together. Those rocks are very cool.

  6. I'm so excited for you ! Your house is going to be gorgeous !

  7. You better go give your Daddy a really big hug. Looking great!

  8. I love your plans for the kitchen. The timber looks great. Kids love to explore and me too. Sounds like you will have a lot of fun looking around.

  9. Everything is looking great!!! I love the rocks and could see them holding small bouquets of silk flowers......

  10. I can see the progress and the stones, holy moly, tha tis will no doubt be home sweet home before you know it....

  11. Your home is really making progress. All the work you are putting into making this your home is amazing and will be very satisfying. Those rocks/stones are super interesting. Any Indian heritage in your neighborhood? Exploring with your grandson will be joyful and full of memory making adventures. Excited to see what sewing project you will reveal in is September. Creative Home Progress Bliss Dear...


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