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Thursday, July 31, 2014

House and Chair Progress, End of July

Since last week there has been a flurry of progress on both the chair and the hill country house!

We have accomplished a lot this week! (Still looks like a tornado hit it, but things are really starting to happen.)

  • We have placed the existing cabinets in position to double check our measurements. 
  • My dad has been busy building some matching cabinets to fill in voids.
  • We've chosen our countertops.
  • We've arranged for a local stone yard to install limestone rock on the kitchen walls. It will match the fireplace.  
  •  Electrical wiring is completed. Dry wall will go up starting today. 
  • Flooring should go in when the dry walling and stone work is complete, hopefully beginning the end of next week. 
  • Our sinks and faucets have been ordered. (They have to be here before the countertops can be templated.)
  • We've confirmed that the antique fireplace summer cover will fit nicely above the new range mortared into the limestone. (Isn't he cute! I expect to see him there in front of the new range a LOT when the house is finished! I'm referring to my husband, not the summer cover, although it is cute too and will also be in front of the range!)
  •     Plumbing has been installed for the new laundry room.
  • I bought an antique Secretary at a local thrift shop. It will match an antique bed I had in storage at my parent's house. $160

While here in Pleasanton, my sister and I are still working on the upholstering projects when we can find the time.

I bought an ottoman for $10 to recover to match the chair I'm reupholstering. It is in pretty rough shape, but has good springs.

I began removing the old upholstery and found layer upon layer of tacks! Under this were even more layers! 
On the chair, I covered the springs with burlap, attached the edge roll to soften the hard wooden edge, and put the webbing on the seat back.

I attached the "pulls" (pieces of burlap adhered to the foam with spray adhesive and used to soften the hard edge of the foam and attach it to the seat).
Over this went the dacron. 
Then I started attaching my upholstery fabric. Yes, it's a little "funky", but this pinto pony fabric fits the hill country theme! It was a $66 a yard fabric on the clearance rack for $12 a yard. It is a heavy weight upholstery fabric and I think it will add a whimsical touch to my decor! 
Here the seat is completed, along with decorative nailheads around the legs. The arms are not finished in this photo.
Here you see the ottoman with its dacron over the stuffing)and the chair together. The ottoman still needs legs. The foam is cut to fit the back of the chair. 
Its beginning to look like a chair now!
We'll be spending a long weekend at the hill country house to make sure everything is ready for all the work that will begin next week.
Today is our 44th wedding anniversary, so we will celebrate by eating out tonight on the San Antonio Riverwalk! It will be a wonderful diversion after all the work!
Have a great weekend!


  1. oh my you have been your choice of fabric for the chair...made me smile...for the legs for your footstool, consider a spindle...they are cheap, you can cut off both ends and they look lovely dipped into stain lol ask me how I know

  2. Happy Anniversary!!! Love the Riverwalk! Your chair is adorable and I can't wait to see it finished!! Your house is going - how exciting!!! That's another thing I'm waiting to see when it is finished! Thanks for the update fun for me, hard work for you!!

  3. I didn't realize that the chair had so many levels to concider when you started this project. Great job so far. I like the fabric for your new local.

  4. Happy 44th! Enjoy your special evening and walk away from all of the construction. And speaking of construction..... it all sounds great....from the kitchen to the chair!

  5. Happy anniversary to you and your hubby, Linda. Sounds like you did get a lot done this week.

  6. I'm excited for you Linda ! Love the chair fabric....SO Texas ! Happy 44...have a margarita for me !!

  7. Oh My Goodness you are making progress. I have reviewed the posts I missed and can see lots of goodness in your new home. Congratulations on 44 years of marriage and Yes! he is cute. I love the fun fabric on your amazing chair find. Lots of blood, sweat and tears will reap you a home of love and beauty. Blessings Dear...

  8. Happy Anniversary! I love the animal print on the chair and looking foward to seeing it completed. You're rolling right along with the house remodel.

  9. Well, Linda, it looks like you're havin' a passel of fun in them thar hills! It is so much fun to watch your progress....and I am crazy about the chair project. Happy anniversary!

  10. I'm loving that chair! Of course, my grandfather had a herd of cows, back in East Texas when I was little. Things are looking great so far.

  11. WOW. Things are really coming along. I love the Secretary and the Whimsical chair is going to be great.....cant beat $12 upholstery fabric!!! Happy Anniversary to you both, but did you have to mention Mexican Food along the Riverwalk? Now I am just hungry!!! Eat a chip and salsa for me!!

  12. I'm tired just reading about your! But I am so thrilled that things are coming together so well....including that funky chair! Happy Anniversary! I'd love to visit San Antonio again sometime and eat along the Riverwalk.

  13. A belated Happy Anniversary!
    Looks like the house is coming along nicely. You all are working so hard!

  14. I am loving this! You are really in your element!


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