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Thursday, November 8, 2012

The Right Accessories!

Every young lady understands the importance of great accessories.
       The right hat, the right bag, the right shoes............
            .....and she has the look she's wanting.
When you have it all together, you're ready to face the world with a smile on your face! And speaking of faces..... don't forget to put on a little makeup... just enough to give your face a fresh look!

           Now you're ready to face the world!
Have you checked out the U R Priceless Blog Hop? If not, you just might find a cute little accessory to accent your best outfit, or  maybe a gift to make for someone special on your list! Just click on the button on my sidebar to take you to the list. Those little coin purses are easy to make and are just adorable. Have fun! (If you missed my contribution to the hop, just go to my last post and see what I did!)
 NOTE: The pictures above are of my granddaughter when she was very young. She is older now and is still just as stylish!


  1. How adorable she is! My granddaughter is due in 2 weeks in San Antonio! I can hardly wait!

  2. ohh Linda what an adorable sweety,i love those pics and what a stylish young lady she is,lol,love the makeup one,what a charactor.xx

  3. Love the pics Linda...she is so cute (and very stylish!!!) thanks for sharing :o)

  4. She looks so cute in all those different outfits . Lovely photos. I have been a bit disappointed with the purse hop. Yours are the only ones I have seen with a bit of imagination mixed in.

  5. Those photos are precious and probably very embarrassing to your granddaughter. What a wonderful memory to have caught :)

  6. so adorable!!!!!! Love all the shoes.

  7. How did I miss this priceless post?! So precious and adorable this little girly girl granddaughter of yours. I can so relate to the right accessories and my favorites are the pink Mary Jane shoes. Uber Cute...

  8. How very precious!! You are so blessed.


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