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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Giveaway Winner and Next Blog Hop!

I'm trying to prepare for the upcoming Holiday Lane blog hop along with preparing for Thanksgiving next week! ( I  made 7 dozen chicken tamales with no help on Tuesday! I will post the recipe on Thursday!)  My day to post for the blog hop is the day after Thanksgiving, November 23.  I think my grandkids, who are to arrive along with the rest of my family on Monday, will like the result and I'm hoping you will too! Although I'm using the pattern as it is, I am adding some embellishments that I think will give you a smile!
 Congratulations to the winner of my giveaway on the U R Priceless Blog Hop! It was Kathy of Kwilty Pleasures! I have sent her an email and am waiting on a reply.


  1. WOW! I cannot believe I won! Guess it pays off to be persistent! Thanks Linda! I just sent you an email for my pattern choice! whoooohoooo!

  2. Sounds interesting. Congrats to Kathy too! :)

  3. sounds like you are going to be very busy Linda and congrats to the winner.xx

  4. Oh Yum,love tamales! Making them is a Thanksgiving Tradition at our house :) Congratulations to Kathy!!!

  5. Congrats to Kathy and I can't wait to see your recipe! That is my day on the blog hop too!

  6. What? Grandkids there next week? Didn't they know that this is an "in-laws" Thanksgiving? I'm sorry we'll miss them!


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