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Thursday, June 14, 2012

Something's Fishy Around Here!

 Our temperatures here in south Texas have hovered around three digits for the last week or so. In other words, it's HOT! Although I have a sprinkler system, I like to go out in the evening and give my plants another little drink just to keep them going. I noticed that my sago palms were starting to look a little yellowish, so I decided to give them a dose of fish emulsion, which I swear by! It stinks horribly, even though they claim it is deodorized, but I use it anyway and my plants love it.
Well, I went out and measured out the right amount in a bucket and pulled the hose over to add the right amount of water. Unfortunately, I had a sprayer on the end of the hose that caused the blast of water to bounce all that nasty fish emulsion up into my face and hair (which I had just washed and dried, something I really hate doing!). I sit, freshly showered, scrubbed, shampooed, and still smelling faintly of rotten fish. Not pleasant. 
I think I may just have a good excuse to stay in and sew! I don't think anyone will want me around anyway!
Stay cool wherever you are (or if it's cold where you are, stay warm!) and....

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  1. whew! I used to have a fish aquarium, and whenever I cleaned it, I used the 'fish poop' water on my flowers, and they loved it! It looks like you have a beautiful yard - with grass even! I'm sure it keeps you very busy.

  2. Gads, how revolting, Linda.
    Fresh air might have freshened you a bit.
    I'm sure you're fine by now.

  3. Yep, that would be high on the list, all right...Enjoy your sewing....

  4. Yuck! I hate that when it happens! I did that myself a couple of years ago. It is bad enough that the smell gets on your hands but your face. Yuck!!! I'm beginning to understand the fascination of quilting now. I am anxious to get back to stippling and this time with the sewing machine and not my technical pen.

  5. Nice garden. In Singapore you're considered a millionaire to own such space. So it's hot in Texas too. But what I want to know is - is it humid as well?

  6. I can just see you dancing around with fish goo all over you!!!! Glad you are clean now!!!

  7. I'm not much of a gardener, but I do know fish smell..... Seems like the perfect 'excuse' to wash up and head to the sewing room. Beautiful garden by the way.

  8. yucky! but at least your plants look great!

  9. Living along the river where dead fish are sometimes along the shore I can imagine what you smell poor thing! Your flowers look beautiful.....time to hop in the shower and then go quilt!

  10. sorry that it has been soo hot there...we have had wonderfully cool weather the last few days in eastern NC but I have been watering my small garden too and our water bill will show it too!!


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