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Friday, June 8, 2012

Cloth Dolls from Hong Kong

I have this wonderful little cloth doll in my collection. I've had it for many years, safely tucked away. I bought it at an estate sale. It wasn't in perfect shape when I got it, but for some reason, I really love this little doll.

 She is made of what appears to be a natural colored silk and wears a silk outfit. The baby is dressed to match her. She is stuffed with a fiber that is packed really firmly. (perhaps sawdust or excelsior?)
The baby has the hair style of a little boy, with his head "shaved" except for a queue on top. He is the little brother, or Didi.
Her little fingers are stitched.
The shoes, which are removable, are stamped "Made in Hong Kong". 
The silk in the back is not as faded. You can see the beautiful blue it was originally.
I love to imagine the person, probably a lady, who made this little treasure. Her embroidery stitches are tiny. The little outfit is detailed perfectly. The little shoes are truly shoes that can be taken off and on. She is very similar to the dolls made by Ada Lum, but there is no tag. I believe it was made before 1950, but have no way to prove that except that it appeared very old when I bought it in the 70's and was among other old !
I find myself saying "WOW!". Look at the wonderful things people do with cloth!

If you know anything about these dolls, please let us know in your comments.
Until next time....
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  1. I can see why you loved the dolls. Hopefully someone may be able to tell you something about them.

  2. What a precious doll! I remember dolls made like this and how firm the stuffing was, I agree...sawdust possibly. The teeny tiny stitches are so perfect!

  3. She is utterly captivating, Linda, her face is just darling, and all the little details - what a lovely find! I would think pre-1950 as well.


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