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Monday, April 16, 2012

Plate Mat Tutorial

Do you have a luncheon coming up? Or maybe you're planning a brunch for your quilting bee? I have a very fast, easy way to give a little bit of color and interest to your place settings. They're "Plate Mats"! No, you're not reading with a lisp. These are little mats to put under your clear plates to give them a different look. I found my plates at Walmart and they are very inexpensive. You can make them double duty by putting a contrasting fabric on the back. You can whip one out in about 5 minutes.

1. Measure the bottom of your plate and add 1/4" seam allowance. If your plate is round, do the same. Do not measure the rim of the plate, only the very bottom. Cut a front, back, and batting piece all this size.
2. Layer the two fabric pieces right sides together, and put the batting on the bottom.

3. Sew around the edge (1/4" seam), leaving about 2" for turning.

4. Turn right sides out and press. I find that using a glue stick to turn the opening seams in 1/4" and then gluing the opening closed, makes your work easier. Slip stitch the opening closed.
5. Top stitch 1/4" around the edge. You can quilt it at this point if you want. If not, you're finished!
You can be wild.....

or festive......
or colorful.

You can carry out a theme....
or assign seats!  (this is just a "mock up" of what you could do if you embroidered names on each.)

By the way, the Shop Hop went well! I LOVED meeting so many of you! Thank you for your kind, supportive words! 
Until next time....
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  1. How cute is that - you are SO creative!!!

  2. OMG Linda... you are just SO very clever!!!!! I love this idea! Next time I'm at a shop I'm looking out for clear plates for sure!
    LoVe IT! :)

  3. very clever Linda.xx

  4. I've wondered what to do with a set of clear glass dishes - thanks to you, I know now!

  5. What a GREAT idea!!! I use clear plates for lots of different holiday's, showers and such. Thanks for the super cute idea!!!


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