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Monday, April 30, 2012

My Latest Projects

My husband and I are trying to paint our house. Here he is up on a ladder painting trim. (I am taking the picture, so unfortunately there is no proof that I have been working! I have!) We've pulled plants, the grill, the smoker, the pressure washer, the paint sprayer, etc. etc. out and that really makes for a messy photo, but I'll be sure and show an after when we're finished. This is a view from the back and although it is hard to tell, I have painted the area under the patio roof with a brush. It is unfinished at this point. The wind is so strong, it was blowing the paint off my brush! NOT JOKING!

 My latest pattern is for a little handbag pin cushion that is so easy you can whip one out in no time at all!

 Although it is very similar to the tutorial I posted a while back, it has been improved and designed to be made of fabric instead of felt. My mom made the one you see in turquoise to test how easy it is to make. They are filled with crushed walnut shells and the items poking out of the flap can be varied -  patterns for a felt glove and felt sunglasses are included, but a little scarf made from a scrap of satin or lace and a little pearl necklace made from bead trim look pretty sweet.
We have a pin cushion swap in our quilt guild on Wednesday. Can you guess what the person who draws my name will receive? 
I think these would be darling as place holders for a quilt or sewing related luncheon. The names could be put on the pin cushion and set in front of each plate.  
Well, it's dark now and almost 9:00pm and we haven't stopped to eat dinner yet. I'll post more later! Until then......

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  1. you are a very busy household at the moment Linda,and how cute are those pin cushions.xx

  2. I'll make one or two for gifts...they are just sooo cute! :)

  3. Wow Linda!! Your place looks gorgeous!!! ... Also, those pin cushions look adorable!!!

  4. Those pincushions are far too sweet - just love them, the little gloves, oh my! Hope the rest of the painting goes well for you!

  5. I love the pincushions - so creative - you must be doing Spring cleaning, at least that is when I create my honey-do list. Take care of yourself. Judy C

  6. your place is looking very nice. Good time to re-decorate.
    The pin bag/cushion are lovely

  7. sounds like you have been very busy!! Those pincushions are too cute!!!

  8. Oh, you will be so happy when the painting is done, amazing to be painting in the wind!
    Those pincushions are adorable, Linda! I love those little accents, too~


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