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Thursday, January 26, 2012

Ultra-Absorbant Bib with a Cupped Bottom - tutorial

Now, you are either going to think I'm clever or crazy, but I came up with this bib that's protective enough to use with an adult as well as a toddler. 
I went to the store with the intention of buying some inexpensive bibs to alter and embellish. I didn't find any I liked, but I did notice that most were made a lot like a washcloth with a neck cut out. a good little crafter, I went to the washcloth aisle and started looking at the selections. I happened to notice that there was something on that aisle that was already shaped like a bib, but with a few differences. It was ...........

...made to fit on a toilet lid. The thing I liked about it was that it had a wonderful, soft texture and a rubberized backing that would prevent leak- throughs.

1. Place the cover on a large piece of paper. I found it helpful to put this all on a carpet and to pin it down around the middle to hold it in place. Stretch out each edge and trace it off to make a pattern.
2. Cut out your pattern and make a neckhole at the top. You might need to taper the edges toward the top also. I left only the elastic at the bottom of the bib and cut off the elastic from the top 2/3 of each side.
3. Cut a fleece lining, making it about 1/2" larger all the way around.
4. Pin the lining to the bib, putting right sides together. Sew around the outer edge. Leave the neckline open.
5. Cut a 20" x 3" strip of the fleece. Center it on the neckline and sew one edge of the fleece to the neckline. (It will hang over at the ends.) Finish off the extended ends by folding the right sides together and sewing across the ends and down the side until you get to the neckline. Turn right sides out. Then turn the raw edge along the neckline under and sew it down.
6. Sew hook and loop tape to each end of the extension. 

You may need to manipulate the edge of the bib a little to make it cup upward. You may even want to sew it in place. This is a heavy duty bib! Guaranteed to catch messy drips and little ones love the texture!

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  1. Very creative idea, Linda! Looks like your little customer approves, too! Love those little pink boots, too! ;)

  2. Could also be used on older kids "when they get a potty mouth"!!! Sorry - I just could not resist this - great idea and I love it when we can
    re-purpose and re-define items to fit our needs. JC

  3. Its so crazy its clever!! Great idea!


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