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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My Christmas Present!


What a great holiday! I've been so busy with my sons visiting, I haven't even sat down at the computer. We had a great time, from sitting around talking or relaxing with a movie, to going on a Segway tour of San Antonio! (I was terrified that I wouldn't like that, but it was so much fun I'm ready to go again! We sailed over sidewalks and through parks and plazas with the sun warming us up. It was a blast!!) My sons are hilariously witty and entertaining, so everything we did turned out to be funny! We made some new memories that we can talk about during holidays to come.
The little "flimsy" above (actually it is pretty large) was made with what Santa brought me this Christmas. I haven't finished it yet. I'm thinking of putting a design element in the corners.

This is my new Accuquilt Go!. I've already gotten a pretty good start on wearing out one cutting mat! I've never been big on piecing as my favorite method is applique. I think this machine will make it easier to do more piecing in addition to that. The quilt top was made while my husband watched a couple of football games this weekend. 
As a former teacher, I have been familiar with die cutters for quite some time. In the past, they were designed for paper and the librarian at our school warned us all that each die cost around $100! We were not even allowed to do our own cutting because she was afraid we might ruin one of those expensive dies. (She was also afraid we might stick our hand over the die while cutting and end up with a hole in our hand! Teachers are often treated as children. I don't know why!) Thankfully, the Go! is designed for fabric and the dies, although still relatively expensive, are not as expensive as the ones we had at school. If you cut your fabric into strips just a little larger than the die, you can limit waste. I used mostly scraps from my scrap bin to make the quilt top above. This made accuracy so easy! Everything went together quickly and easily, which is important to me.
If you haven't tried a Go! yet, you might want to put it on your list for the next big gift giving holiday. 

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  1. It seems Santa know you pretty well ;). Good to know that you had a terrific holiday with family.

  2. Looks to me that you will be having a lot of fun with this - enjoy. I do love your quilt colors. Judy C

  3. Santa was very good to you! can't wait to see all the neat things you make using the GO

  4. Go Linda Go! Santa was good to the quilt top. It's always nice having family around especially at Xmas time! EnjoY ! :)

  5. Your quilt top looks lovely. Great colours. Happy New Year Linda!

  6. Nice top and so glad to hear you had a good Holiday. Nothing better than time spent with family. Enjoy your GO cutter - I know several people who have them and love them. I'm still doing things the old fashioned way - rotary cutter and mat. Can you believe 20 years ago, it was templates and scissors?!

  7. Segway!!!! I would so love to try that...especially in San Antonio! Don't you just love hangin with your kids. My guys are so much fun, as well. Glad you had a wonderful time. :)

    Congrats on the Go cutter! How fun!!! Your colors in the quilt and that fun triangle detail around the border are perfect!!


  8. What a wonderful gift Linda! I have a 2 1/2" strip cutter die and just love it. Sounds like you had a ball on those Segways (I want to try it someday) and really enjoyed time with your guys. a lovely, lovely Christmas!

    Was wondering about you the other day and am glad to see you're back. Happy New Year!

  9. Wow that quilt is stunning, the colors are wonderful! And I LOVE the borders! Yes, a Go is on my list for someday....sigh. I'm not much of a piecer either, and this would help! A Segway tour sounds really fun!

  10. I have been looking at the cutters, but do not know if I am ready to make that leap... yet! Is that the bee material from Connecting Threads? I just looked at that last night and think i might use my gift certificate my Loving Honeyman got me for Christmas! And Last but not least... did you wave at my Baby Brother as you drove through San Antonio!! LOL I miss him so!! Happy New Year!!

  11. Congrats on your new gift. I once thought I would like one as well. It will be fun to watch what you create with this.


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