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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Inspiration in the Kitchen and Patio

I was in my kitchen when I was inspired.My thinking went a little like this.....
I like the scallop on the inside with the narrow pink border separating it from the white. I like the contrast of the black and white and also the checked "binding".

I like the contrast of the white on blue. I also like the red "binding" and the gold "center". Not as sure about the aqua.

How about appliqued flower petals inside a border like this? AND, how about the undulating line with the red dots? How could I give that effect?
Maybe a more simplified appliqued "feathering" between a blue binding and the gold narrow border.

                                     Maybe I could get this effect with yo-yos placed side by side along a border.

 Hmmmm....I like the idea of an applique in a scallop. Maybe even a scrolled design similar to this as the applique.

I'm inspired by so many things around me.....the lines of a pretty gate, the colors of a salad, the circles of irrigated fields as seen from a plane, and on and on. I don't take them exactly as they are. I might like the color scheme or maybe the graceful lines. It might inspire me to put two fabrics together that I might not have considered before. 
Let yourself be inspired by the things around you and you will find that the world will look different to you! Find the beauty in the everyday object. 

                     What inspires you?


  1. What great ways to look at every day items. What inspires me? Life!

  2. I'm beginning to see quilt patterns in everything I look at too!

  3. Sometimes I feel so excited by seeing ideas everywhere and then other days, it's a struggle to get motivated. Some of the photos my husband has taken have really sparked my imagination!

    You have some pretty dishes!


  4. The other day I saw an old mattress out by the trash. It had a very lovely pattern on it that would have been great for applique or free-motion quilting. If I had my camera I would have stopped to take a picture!

  5. Yes, you've developed an artist's eye is you can find beauty in an old mattress by the trash!
    I once picked up a piece of dry seaweed and brought it back to my sister, who teaches high school art. I thought the lines and swirls were beautiful, but the people around me laughed at me. My sister didn't laugh. She appreciated my gift!!

  6. How observant! I love being inspired...the only problem is having the time to accomplish projects using the inspiration! Love the items that inspired this post.


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