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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Charm Pack Quilt

Most of my quilts are applique, but when I saw one of Moda's colorful charm packs, I couldn't resist piecing it together. This set had bright, colorful squares that really called out to me. I loved its reds and greens as well as its golds and blacks. I found a green in my stash that would work for sashing and I replaced all the blues with more red. I also used a red in the border as well as a tiny black print with little red flowers.

I pieced the back by adding some leftover strips of red and black. This quilt was so easy and was fun to make.

I ended up with a quilt big enough to wrap up in while curled on the couch. Perfect for watching an old black and white movie. (I wonder why someone like me, who loves color so much, loves old black and white movies?)


  1. I'm with you! The black and white movies are great and I love color, too. What old black and white movies have in common with quilting is that it shows you have traditional values.
    I recently have been given the movie channels free for a period of time in an attempt to get me to upgrade my Satellite TV and what I have found are a lot of contemporary movies using such bad language and immoral behavior I would be embarrassed if one of my children or grandchildren walked in. I almost feel assaulted in my living room.
    I get enough of that teaching high school!

  2. Yes, I agree. Another plus is that I have seen most of them enough times that I can quilt while watching and not be afraid of missing something!


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