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Friday, August 27, 2010

Fall is Not Too Far Off!

"Halloweensy Spider"
I heard someone comment once on my spider quilt, "Oh, I hate spiders!"
What a shame!  Spiders are such hard workers in our gardens I think we should be thanking them! When I see the big garden spiders stretching their webs from tree to tree, I think of fall. We lived in north Georgia and North Carolina for many years, and when the spiders started stretching those webs from the side of the house to a tree, or from one shrub to another, it was always getting closer to the cooler months. I'm ready for cool now! The temperatures here in south Texas have been hovering over 100 degrees for a couple of weeks now and has been as high as 110! It is hard to think about quilts when it is so hot outside, but I have been needing to make another sample quilt from my patterns. I am thinking of another Halloweensy Spider. (It is a quick and easy quilt!) I can think of the coming cooler days while I make it. Or maybe I'll start on Little Miss Muffet who sat on a tuffet and was frightened away by a spider. That has been on my drawing board for several years now.
I have a garden spider on my front porch. She is about 3" long and has been there for most of the summer now, quietly catching the flying insects that would have been bothering me. She is a beautiful creature. I wouldn't want her crawling on my arm, but I can respect and admire her while she's several feet away in her web!
Nature is so inspiring. I need to get busy!

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