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Wednesday, August 26, 2020

What I Did Over My Spring and Summer "Staycation"

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2020! What a year so far! I keep waiting for spring to come and then I realize it is almost fall! So far, I have not come down with Covid-19. I have stayed in most of the time and when I had to get out, I wore a mask! I've washed my hands until they are even more wrinkly than before, but wrinkles are inevitable anyway.
So.....what have I done? (other than making masks, baking bread, and living through a master and guest bath remodel)

I made a quilt for my granddaughter who is a university freshman this year! 
I ordered fabric on June 3 to make a quilt for my grandson in the colors he requested, but so far everything I ordered is backordered. 

We had a small tornado and a little over a FOOT of hail! (Some areas nearby got 2 feet!) This is a picture the next day. Besides losing this and another large oak tree, most of our plants were stripped of leaves. The roads were so covered with leaves, you couldn't see where to drive. Our roof was destroyed also. 

Besides the weather and all that goes with that, my husband and I have had a great time cooking together! We cook something different every Friday. These are puffy tacos, a San Antonio specialty. The masa is shaped into tortillas and fried immediately. Usually tortillas are cooked first on a griddle. 

My husband uses a sous vide to make his tender, delicious steaks! After the sous vide, he browns the outside in butter. Lately we are cooking something old (an old favorite recipe) and something new (that we've never tried before!). It has been SO much fun! 

We've enjoyed gorgeous sunsets causes first by the Sahara dust that sweeps all the way across the Atlantic ocean to Texas and beyond. Then more caused by the tragic California wildfires. 
All that to say, we're making the most of a bad situation. I can't imagine being isolated with anyone more fun and wonderful than my husband! (We had our 50th wedding anniversary July 31st. We celebrated at home alone. We had great plans that included our grown kids, but maybe we'll do that next year.)
Stay safe everyone! 


  1. Happy 50th anniversary! My mom and dad are celebrating there's on the 28th of August. My mom is fussing because I can't be there. Wow a foot of hail, that is just amazing. Sorry for the roof and the lost trees though. Great pics and the quilt is fabulous. Stay safe.

  2. Happy 50th anniversary. It will be fun to make up the missed celebration. Glad you have stayed well during these crazy times. Love your quilt.

  3. Happy Anniversary! Sorry about the storm damage. Storms in Texas can be really scary (I grew up in Texas). Glad to hear from you. Nice quilt, too.

  4. Happy 50th anniversary. It will be fun to make up the missed celebration. Glad you have stayed well during these crazy times. Love your quil.

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