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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Dracula and A Little More Progress

I HAVE done a little sewing lately! I designed and made this Dracula doll that is on it's way to my son in Oregon.  This doll is fairly large. I made him just for fun!

On the home front, we installed the screen door to my pantry. It swings both in and out  and I LOVE it!!
We also did a little cosmetic work on the master bath. 

 We  painted the walls. You can see the old wallpaper on the left. We will change the countertop and sink  later. For now, this brightens it up quite a bit!
 Before... and after.
I will bring a lot more color in next.

 We bought a vintage Kilim rug and placed it under the dining room table. The cowhide has been moved to the new sitting area off the kitchen. We will pick up the furniture for that area Thursday, so I will show it next time.
I'm off to the hill country to enjoy this cooler fall weather!



  1. OMG your Dracula Doll is priceless! Your home is really coming together. I missed your last post until now and I really like the idea of Gingerbread and Lemon Sauce...Thank you for sharing your recipe. Home Sweet Home...

  2. I think that is the first Dracula doll I have ever seen, Linda. He looks great. Your house is looking so lovely. What a great door for your pantry.

  3. It's all looking fabulous Linda! It must be nice to see all the progress! The bathroom looks particularly bright and fresh!

  4. I rushed up to the pattern tabl to see if Drac was there....:(
    He is just fabulous. Great pics of the house. I like the dual swinging door idea. Ours swings easily out so the dogs can go as they want...I'm showing this to my husband. I'd love for them to let themselves in too!!

  5. Your doll is amazing..... Love your home

  6. I never thought I would say that I'm totally in love with Dracula!

  7. Hi Linda! Love your Dracula!! I went through Pleasanton this past April. Beautiful country! I thought of you. When will you visit Oregon again? Maybe we can say 'hello' 😊


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